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That is an Impressive photo. Wish I was there taking that photograph. I would take the snake home too.
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Well, I've done some reading on the snakes and it said that a python or anaconda that takes a meal that big may not feed for up to 2 years. Sounds a bit long for me but if it suits the snake.
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Whoa that is huge.Don't think i'll be getting anything that has the potential to get anywhere near that
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Originally posted by DomsReptiles
Thanks linds for posting that pic. I had heard about a pic of a rock eating a gazelle but had never seen it.
No prob

Hehehe.... reasons I DON"T own any large
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Ditto Linds, especially when petting one means I have to call five other friends to help me pet my dang snake!!!

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rocks can open their mouths 5-10 times the size of their head!
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Go to this page:

And look at the "big snake" link, there's some huge snakes there.
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those are amazing pics especially the retics whooohoow!!! thanks for the link!!
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Nice link!

There are some really impressive pics in there .. funny how theres many Rock pythons in the burm section .. are tehy not easilly distinguishable..

Man oh man .. I can't wait to have her that big!
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