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Moving to America

I'm moving back to Washington State within the next couple of weeks here. I have a couple of important questions.
1. Do any of you have friends or aquantences in Washington that I might be able to introduce myself to or do business with?
2. What all is involved if I want to sell leos, corns, beardies, and maybe fat tails and kings to somebody in BC after I move? I can never seem to get any solid info on what it takes. Is it just a duty fee? Do I need permits, etc.?
I will be on Mt. Baker, but work in Bellingham and make frequent trips to Seattle and semi frequent trips to southern and eastern Washnington as well. Thanks for your help.
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Hey! Well, I can't help you since the laws vary from state to state, but I am moving to Washington at the end of May also And I am moving to the Bellingham area as well!!

My boyfriend lived there for about 5 years when he was younger and he really wants to move back (and he's convinced me!). We are just getting started on getting our apartment secured up there.

Well, best of luck to you!
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You'll need a US import export permit (and will need to renew it annually), and if you are transporting them yourself across the border, you will need a designated port exemption permit. Any animal entering or leaving the US must be sent through a designated port (there are only around 10 I think). An inspection ($55 cost) needs to be booked two days in advance with USF&W. There is also a declaration for called a 3-177 that you will need to fill out as well.

All of the above applies for CITES listed animals as well, except you have to throw in the cost of CITES application, time for application to clear and be returned to you, and a little more hassle at the border if you are clearing them yourself.

Hope to have helped a little.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but don't you also require a special breeding license or something to breed anything in the US?
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Jennifer- I hope you like it up here. It's a good time to move, as it's just starting to get nice again so you should have plenty of time to adjust before the rainy season. I work at a pet store, so I'm guessing there's a pretty good chance we'll connect sometime.
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