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One day later...and more!

My ghost corn ate a pinky right outta my hand today, and just one day after the show! It was great! I've never had any of my snakes do that, this guy's one great snake! WooHoo! ...on the other hand, my boa is full of p!ss and vinegar (but I love him, he's awesome!), little guy hisses at me everytime I walk by the aquarium...I feel bad that I scare him, I think he just needs time to adjust, that or he's just grumpier at night, like my texas rat (who, incidentally, bit me last night when I was trying to rearrange the mess she made of he cage, she prefers her design style, I suppose. But that's another story! :monkey: )
On another note, what's the ideal humidity range for BCI's? I think I remember reading that it's supposed to be around 60%? I've been misting the aquarium and that keeps it around 55%, but it's a little dificult to get it any higher... or maintain it, for that matter...I've covered about half of the wire top with a plastic bag to, hopefully, keep some humidity in...any suggestions?
P.S. Thanks for putting up with my intolerably long post, I get carried away sometimes...
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Is the water under the light source? That helped in our BP cage a great deal, and I went with a much larger water bowl which is actually a dishpan! LOL

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The water wasn't directly underneath the light, but I moved it there this morning, I hope that helps some...the bowl is about 5" in diameter and fairly deep...
And he (the boa) seems to be calming down nicely now, he let me rearrange the cage this morning with him in it, and he only gave me one little hiss when I picked up the water bowl to move it...YAY!
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You could always put an aquarium airstone into the water dish, that should bring the humidity up.

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