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Leave VISA at home when going to herp shows
as well as any other means of quick money.
Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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1. The hardest lesson of all

1. To reiterate part of lostwithin's post, DON'T get complacent about your caging. My female ringed python squeezed out of her ironically named Stay-in Reptile tank and froze to death this winter after somehow finding her way under the floor of my next door neighbor's house. She had lived in that tank from hatchling size when I got her in back 2000.

2. Bearded dragons have very sharp, sharklike teeth, strong jaws, and bad aim when going after food, so don't hold treats for them in your fingertips.

3. A white lipped python's tooth pattern makes an interesting temporary tattoo.

4. Take amost everything you are told about an animal with a grain of salt. Do your own research, work with your animals, and observe, observe, observe. Anyone can be wrong about some things.
Gina L Wolfe

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1.) listen to obviously good advice no matter how "right" you think you are, an animals life is at stake here.

2.) Don't get grouchy or upset if people correct your husbandry, or correct something you say. They only have the best of the animal at heart.

3.)some people just don't listen to advice you give them, and they still mistreat their animals. There is NOTHING you can do about it.( short of something illegal, lol)
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dont give reptiles prey you think might be too big, ususally if you think its too big and feed it any ways, you'll have a nice stinky mess to clean up in the next few days.

alwasy keep your eyes on red tail boas. always watch their head and their tail. whatever the neck or tail gets around becomes a perch for the next 5 minutes (i can't just yank my 6 foot boa off of things, i end up having to tickle her tail to make her let go)

i'll repeat it again, watch turtles! they really are great escape artists, i'v lost count of how many times my red belly has gotten out of his tank and got a free few hours in the herp room

hognose snakes are good escapers too. never think there bad climbers.

be careful housing canibalistic snakes together, you might find one day that one is missing and no, it didn't escape (great plains garters for example)

always seperate snakes when feeding ALWAYS!

dont get a pacman frog unless you like geting peed on every time you hold it
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1. If you are using a lid on your water dish...make sure the hole in the center is large. Make sure that the water will not fill to the top of the lid when the snake submerges itself.


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The pain of glass in the front of your front opening 5' boa cage will not suport your weight while kneeling on it.
Oh and always have a place to put a 6' Colombian if you forget the first part of what I wrote because you're 5' wife gets board fast while holding a 6' snake.
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I'll second this posted by Lrptls

"i'll repeat it again, watch turtles! they really are great escape artists, i'v lost count of how many times my red belly has gotten out of his tank and got a free few hours in the herp room"

Yes! My RES Mikey is housed in large rubbermaid type bins in the winter. Last winter was no problem. This winter I switched type of bin and I walked in a week later and saw Mikey on the ground sitting near my cham cage. LOL. I have no clue how he got himself up and out of the cage.

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- No matter how well you plan home made cages.. have them looked at by another herper friend.. Chances are there are some important things you forgot Don't build cage on a tight fixed budget.

- If you budget your herp spendings... add 50% to your plans

- Unless you have lots of experience and money..don't take in rescues.. leave it to the experts.. It's not because you were able to save 1 skinny leo that you can save everything, everytime.

- If you have a female lizard.. she can prodice eggs without any males around... be sure to allways have someplace where she can lay.

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do not assume the DOR rattlesnake you just threw in the back of your jeep is gonna stay DOR!
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Personal experience bubba? That would suck.... Zombie snakes.

Tammy Rehbein
-You can search all day for something and never find it, only to see it in the most obvious of places after you've stopped looking.-
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Re: 1. The hardest lesson of all

Originally posted by Babysnake
3. A white lipped python's tooth pattern makes an interesting temporary tattoo.
Lol, don't I know it.
first day i got my white lip home, i was putting her in her tank and i got tagged 2x in the 30 seconds it took to get her in.

on a sad note, something i've learned the hard way, if ever an animal escapes in the car, DON"T PANIC and watch where you step or kneel
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Mealworms of all sizes and butter worms can and will chew through any bags that you leave them in for a few hours. I was finding butter worms for weeks!!!......and I was told that they don't live long without a constant food supply!

Leads into #2: take everything said to you with a grain of salt, I know its been said all ready but really good advice.
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Of course I'm out of my mind....Its dark and scary in there!
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Only probe or pop snakes with your mouth closed...
Too funny... I'll keep that one in mind...
California Kingsnakes.
Honduran Milksnakes.
Black Milksnakes.
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don't set bagged snakes on a chair where some fat *** may sit on them!
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