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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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When did you graduate?

Just wondering where I am compared to other people. I'm in 1st year psych at Carleton and 26, hoping to graduate in my early 30s. At what age did you graduate from university/college if you did go to it? While I'm at it, I might as well ask what your major was. It would be interesting to see what everyone is specialized in.

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Join Date: Jan-2004
Location: St. Thomas
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I tried Photojournalism at Loyalist first. Our two main teachers were alcoholics who only liked the students in our class that went drinking with them. Dropped that.

Went into Television Broadcasting. Did well in that until I got sick for 10 days in the last month of class and missed studio time. Since the studios are booked months in advance, making up time is virtually impossible. The annoying thing is that even if you had an A average, which I did, if you missed one course you had to retake the year. So much for TV broadcasting :-/

I then went to Fanshawe, where I studied drinking for several months. I excelled at that, as it was more fun than having to take first year business in order to get into programming.

So I guess my major was not majoring

I even walked out of another school to take a job offer doing Y2K contracting. So I'm like a serial student

I've thought about going back to school too. But I'm not good at learning in the classroom. I'm more hands on, which can be a pain.

Best of luck with your courses
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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Ontario
Posts: 1,176
Queen's Univeristy, major in Biology. Received my Honours degree (BScH) at 22.
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Location: Waterloo
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I go to Laurier and I am majoring in French and anthropology. I'll be 21 when i get my degree.
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Old 04-10-04, 09:11 AM   #5 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar-2004
Location: Lindsay,Ontario
Age: 41
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I graduated from Fleming in 2000 , for Nursing. Graduated with honours and love my job. I'm 27yrs old.
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Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Canada
Age: 34
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Currently at McMaster doing a degree in history. But then off to Law school so ill be old and gray when i graduate. LOL
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Location: Orillia, ON
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U of Guelph, graduated in '94 (@23) with an Honours B. Sc., Specialized Honours Fisheries Biology, with Honours. What a title, eh? At the time, in the Guelph biology program, they had minors, majors, and 'specialized honours'- more focused than a major. All of the programs like Marine Biology, Wildlife Biology, etc. were 'spec. honours'. I believe they have moved away from this system now, so at least people's degrees will be shorter:-)

Jeff Hathaway
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: manassas virginia (USA)
Age: 32
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I will be attending Virginia Tech come fall semester for biology major, and then move on to herpetology
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I kinda never graduated....I pooped out in the 3rd. grade :S
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Chattanooga, TN
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27, Secondary Education. Minor in Hist & Econ
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Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: Ontario, Canada
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Graduated from York at age 22, BA Hons in Actuarial Science and Operations Research.
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Join Date: Aug-2003
Location: Stony Plain
Posts: 40
Graduated Saskatchewan Technical Institute in 1969. Got an Electrical Technological Degree.
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Old 04-12-04, 09:58 AM   #13 (permalink)
Join Date: Feb-2004
Posts: 86
Currently in my third year BSCH Zoology with a minor in drinking. 21 right now, should be graduating next year but i have a couple courses to make up(dropped a couple courses cause they interferred with my social life).
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Old 04-12-04, 10:37 AM   #14 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2003
Posts: 23
Currently finishing first year Health Sciences at University of Western Ontario. After my undergraduate program, I plan to apply for either Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. Still quite a while a way.
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I was asked never to return to Central Michigan in 1990 at the age of 18. I majored in hot women and cold beer.
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