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Join Date: May-2003
Location: U.S.A
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Our Zoo
1.1 Human with a little one on the way in November
0.3 Cats
1.0 Rabbits
1.0 Normal Burm
0.1 Albino Burm
0.1 Normal Retic
1.0 Borneo
1.0 Albino Cal King
1.1 BRB
1.0 Beardie
1.0 Nile Monitor

1.0 Red Devil
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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Canada BC Burnaby
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WOW nice guys! Every one got a lot of snakes!

Well my little "Zoo" includes..,

0.1 50/50 Desert Phase California King snake
1.1 California King snakes

0.0.5 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
2.2.5 Disco Cockroaches

0.500+ Indian Stick Bugs
0.0.50 Phobaeticus serratipes Stick Bugs
0.0.10 Giant Prickly Leaf Bugs
0.2 Madagascar Stick Bugs
0.0.25 Linnaeus' Leaf Bug (Phyllium Siccifolium)
0.0.25 Jungle Nymph Stick Bug (Heteropteryx dilatata)
0.0.15 Stick Bug (Haaniella Grayi)
0.0.15 Stick Bug (Haaniella dehanii)
0.2 Vietnamese Stick Bug (Baculum extradentatum)

1.0 Cat
1.4 mice
1.3 rats
1.1 Charcoal Campbell Russian Dwarf Hamsters

1.1.14 Guppies
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Join Date: Jun-2002
Age: 37
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wow...all of them are really nice guys/gals!!

Here's mine~


4-500 corns
2.4 rhino rats
2.0 honduran milks
2.2 royal diadems
0.2 green trinklet rat snake
0.1 100 flower rat snake
1.1 chinese king rat snake
2.2 hypo water rat snake
30 Red spot rat snake
10 twin spot rat snake
3 red chain rat snake
1 albino red chain rat snake
1.2 albino emory rat snake


2.4 brb
2.1 albino rosy boa
0.1 mexican rosy boa


1.4 ball pythons
1.1 spotted python
1.1 children's python

<b>Leopard Geckos</b>
0.4 normal leos
0.1 tremper albino leos

2.0 Human (for now...changing roommate soon....)
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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: eastern Ontario (Alexandria)
Age: 44
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wow, just think of the zoo we could open if we all got together. lol. Great post and great collections! Here's my little family.

1.2 humans.

0.1 ferret

2.0 wild gray cockatiels.
1.0 lutino pearl cockatiel
1.0 pied cockatiel.
0.1 cinnimon pearl cockatiel.
0.1 fallow cockatiel.

4.12. 21

1.0 spanish ribbed newt.

1.0 yellow tiger, fire, dalmnation crested gecko.
0.1 tan (extremely light) crested gecko.
1.1 fire cresteds coming at the next show.

Bearded dragons:
1.1 blood/orange bearded dragons.
1.2 orange stripe bearded dragons.
0.1 normal/orange bearded dragon.
1.0 snow/sunberst bearded dragon.
0.1 snow bearded dragon.
0.1 gold bearded dragon.
0.2 red/yellow lavender bearded dragons.
0.1 normal (greysih yellow) bearded dragon.
0.0.14 snowx snow/sunberst bearded dragon.
0.0.15 goldx snow/sunberst bearded dragons.
Going to be looking for 1 or 2 brightly colored reds at the next show.

Leopard geckos:
1.0 super hypo tangerine leos.
0.4 hypo tangerine leos.
1.1 super hypo pastel leos.
0.2 super hypo leos.
1.1 blizzard leos.
1.2 tremper albinos leos.
1.4 patternless leos.
1.0 red stripe carrot tail
0.1 stripe
1.5 double het banana blizzard.
0.3 normal (not breeders, just pets)

Fat tail geckos:
1.2 banded fat tails.
0.2 striped fat tails.
1.0 striped fat tail coming at the next show.

Blue tongue skinks:
1.1 northern blue tongue skinks.
0.1 irian jaya blue tongue skink.
going to get another male northern at the next show, Thanks John Delahaye for suck a great gift.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
'believe me I know!!'
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Join Date: Apr-2004
Location: Manassas Park, Va
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1.1 BP's
1.1 W.Hognose
2.2 cats
sssnakes don't bother me none!
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Age: 50
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so far

5 humans
1 bengal cat
1 rosehaired trantula
1durmil boa
and many more to come when we move into our new home in july
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Shwaberry, Ontario
Posts: 169
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3.1 Humans (Mother, step-father, myself and younger brother)

4.0 Cats
2.0 Gerbils


1.3.2 Cresteds (male and juvies are tigers with nice fire backs, females are all pinstripes and white spotted) (interested buyers of offspring email or pm me)

1.5 Leopard geckos (norms, hypo male, high yellows etc)
1.1 Grandis Day geckos
0.0.1 Ball Python
1.1 Uromastyx
1.1 Iguannas
1.0 R. Leachianus
1.1 Helmeted Geckos

2.2 Horned Frogs (reds and albinos)
2.0 Whites Tree frogs
1.0 Tiger Salamander
1.1 Fire belly newts


22.35. (millions) Rainbow Variatus - Anyone interested in some serious insane coloured platies pm or email me.

0.0.2 Common plecos
0.0.1 Rhino Pleco
0.1 Bristlemouth pleco
0.1 Tilapia Chichlid
1.0 Frontosa Chichlid
1.0 Jellybean Parrot Chichlid

16 Pond goldfish
1 Japanese Koi
1 Domestic Koi

1 Florida crawfish (Monty)
25 Giant Land Snails

See something you like?. Email or Pm me. I need to slim my collection down.

"We live in a society of laws..why did you think I took you to see those Police Academy movies?...for fun?!!, well I didnt see anybody laughing...did you?!!!"

Homer J.
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