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I'm just curious if any one sells monkeys here in Ontario or knows were to get them. My friend just lost hers. I'm not sure as to what kind it was I just told her that I would take a look to see if anyone deals with them in Ontario so if anyone knows can you please let me know. Thanks
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Uh, a monkey? Ooookkaaaayyy then.

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i'd like to know too!

did your friend's monkey wear a diaper? Did it throw 'temper tantrums'? Did it have any destructive behaviour?


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It is illegal to own a Monkey anywhere in Canada without the proper permits. They are typically (legally) aquired from zoo stock. At my old work, all of our primates came from Elmvale zoo. You can also expect to pay upwards of $25,000 for one. By lost, do you mean it passed away or she actually lost it? By the sounds of your post it doesn't sound like she has the permits to own these animals.
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Go to the kingsnake classifieds. They have all sort of exotic animals like tigers, camels, monkies, etc.

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maybe the friend does have permits why are monkeys so much there.
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if your old work delt with Elmvale Zoo, you must know Chris Balesky?? i probably spelt his name wrong.
just curious
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My friend of mine that had the monkey used to own a pet store here were I live and she use to have it on display at the store. She said that she did not have to have a permit for it and I know myself that the City or the MNR did not make a fuss about her having it. She aquired it from a friend of hers and were that friend got it I have no idea. I just told her that I would take a look for her on this site. Thanks for the replys everybody. TODD
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Was it a monkey for sure? One of the local petstores here has a breeding group of Marmesets (sp? something like that) but they don't sell them. According to them certain primates can be sold legally (within Canada) as long as they were produced in Canada, without paperwork. Kind of like how you would need CITIES to get certain animals into the country but once they are here you can sell them at will without permits (ie: Aussie Pythons). This may or may not apply to certain primates & if you friend is serious they had better start researching. Authorities will tolerate things they choose not to deal with, but that doesn't make them legal & leaves you at their mercy when they decide to uphold the law. Good Luck to your friend if he/she decides to pursue this. Mark
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