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Syst3m 09-15-02 12:33 AM

anyone know where and how I could get and grow my own sphagnum rather then buying it from pet stores?

morph 09-15-02 11:10 AM

home depot
home depot has a bag that would cost like 50 bucks at a pet store for 5 dollars it comes in a 7 litre bag by mosser lee.

hope that helps

Laurier 09-15-02 03:49 PM

buy it at a garden center. I buy bags the size of a 30 gal for 35 bucks each.


Syst3m 09-16-02 03:56 AM

You guys do any kind of cleaning to it before you use it for your snakes?

I'm concerned any kind of poisons I might introduce to my snakes.

Dom 09-16-02 05:38 AM

Generally I simply rinse it thouroughly in water . Also gets any dirt out too .. There might be better ways as well .. :)


Jeff_Favelle 09-16-02 09:43 AM

Put it in the deep freeze for 2 days. That'll kill anything.

crimsonking 09-16-02 09:59 AM

You're in Detroit, right? I know you must have Wal-Mart and Target around somewhere. Small bags (I use about 10-15 a year for incubation and hide boxes) are less than $3. and Home Depot has them also. A friend "cooks" his in an oven at low temp for a couple hrs., but I haven't had a problem with any I've used.

Syst3m 09-16-02 11:26 PM

I've been getting mine from the local craft and garden store.
I was really hoping that I could grow mine fresh. I just cant find anyone to supply me with it alive.

Jeff_Favelle 09-17-02 08:51 AM

You want grow it???
Is that possible? Sphagnum is the 2nd to last stage in the creation of a bog. How would you grow it? That would be cool if you did.

Dom 09-17-02 09:46 AM

I don't think it to be possible unless u can somehow get yourself a whole ecosystem going!

If I am not mistaken, Canada is the largest suplyer of Spagnum worldwide so i doubt it is that expensive to buy.

But who knows .. It might be possible to grow it ..

crimsonking 09-18-02 07:16 PM

I sometimes throw used sphagnum under a tree by my snake house. It's been raining daily and I noticed some was "greening" up and growing. So I think you could grow your own if you got some fresh and kept it very moist. It does need light obviously.Maybe you could use the stuff that is still green,like the kind you use for orchids. I dunno.Good luck.

Jeff_Favelle 09-18-02 07:39 PM

Wanna know why its cheap here??
Because we have bogs everywhere if you know where to look!! Heh heh...

Syst3m 09-19-02 12:26 AM

Well Actually I already know how to grow sphagnum. its pretty simple actually
It would also be very simple to build my own ecosystem too. I'm pretty versed on how to grow all kinds of plants and vegatables, Shagnum is a sand plant I think its even classified as carniverous and I think I spelled that wrong. All I need is a large under bed rubbermaid container (preferably some nice bog water too) Some water and some sand to grow it in. Get a little moving water, keep some nice UV to encourage alge growth and aeraiton helps but not necessary. If I wanted to get things moving I could add some fish and some water plants like lillys or something. Bam instant eco system in a box. But I think I just need UV sand water and live spahgnum.

Growing plants can actually be as fun as raising snakes. If your into that kind of thing.

Dom 09-19-02 06:58 AM

For fun thats defenetly an option but there is no way that it could be cost effective ..

All the meterial neded and time that will be spent will not come close th the 8$ price for a huge 1x1x1 bundle...

If u do end up creating this ecosystem, please post pics and excacly how you did it .. I am very interested in it

Take care

Syst3m 09-20-02 01:39 AM

I was actually thinking about building a 50-60 gallon living cage for my brazilians, figure that will keep my humidity up!

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