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Linds 09-14-02 07:19 AM

Almost time!!
Just wondering how many are intending to go the PCPC show tomorrow, and how many have intent on bringing home animals :D. Hehehe it's always funny to compare before and after I'm gonna be there, and I am may or may not leave with another boa, all depends :)

josefg 09-14-02 10:24 AM

I'm too far away :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Yve 09-14-02 11:55 AM

no can do....:(

rattekonigin 09-14-02 12:04 PM

I'm going! Yay!

BIG SCOTT 09-14-02 12:20 PM

I spent all my money at the ETHS show in Houston,Tx last week. I bought 1.1 Red Tail Boas and 1.1 Lavender Florida Kings. I wish i could make it up to Canada though. Maybe next year.

PoiSoNouS 09-14-02 01:17 PM

too far, and I dont have a car :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Scotty Allen 09-14-02 03:45 PM

Almost time!!
Yep, me an' my new pants will be there. Looking forward to meeting some folks from here and putting faces and real names to them *S*Hoping to go home with a lot less than what I bring.

Matt_K 09-14-02 03:51 PM

Scotty, what will you be bringing with you?

beyowulf 09-14-02 03:57 PM

awwww, I have hockey tryouts tomorrow from 1-4 **LAME**, but I REALLY wanna go!!!

Clownfishie 09-14-02 04:12 PM

beyowulf -- the show starts at 9am... I'm sure you could squeeze in a little visit before tryouts begin ;)

I'm going to be there, and I'm going to be on a mission... hehe :) Can't wait! Planning on being there as soon as the show opens so I don't miss out on anything....

JKS 09-14-02 06:23 PM

I'll be there bright and early, and I've got a fat wallet that needs a little trim! I'll definately be going home with something. See ya's there. :D

Scotty Allen 09-14-02 08:11 PM

"Scotty, what will you be bringing with you......"
Books, t-shirts, solomon island ground boas, kenya sand boa, tangerine hondurans, Australian velvet geckos, Standings day geckos, bibrons geckos, ocellated skinks, Provent-A-Mite.............
Oh yes, and my new pants, and my happy smiling face, and my faithful servant Drew.

Matt_K 09-14-02 08:17 PM

sounds good. I am in the market for some Kenyans so i will definatly stop by and say hello and have a look at them.. See you there.. By the way, do you know if Curtis Skelhorne will be there? I tried calling him but had no luck.

Demelo Kidd 09-14-02 08:33 PM

Dont sell those solomon islands scotty I am sitting on your cash as we speak

KaHane 09-14-02 08:49 PM

Can't wait to see everyone at the show!

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