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Question mousemaker?

They say that mouse maker will enhance the mouse smell and will make my snake want to eat it. Not sure how true this is. But my baby white water rosey boa refuses to eat. And I just thought that this might help. Well if any body know of this product can you let me know. Don't want to spend my money if it doesn't work.
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I personally I haven't used it. I have heard though that such pet store items are ususally unnecessary and a waste of money. If you want to make a mouse smell more, get some used bedding and rub your mouse in it.

Well, I'm assuming that you are feeding F/T rodents. I have a Kenyan Sand Boa who was very finicky about taking to F/T. I have always thawed my rodents in hot tap water. Well, for my KSB, I have learned that if I let it thaw on the counter and than heat it up under a lamp he'll take it. This way the water doesn't wash off the scent.

Possibly look in the ball python forum (I know that you don't have one). But, since they are known to be at times non-eaters, there are many threads there on tricks to get your snake to eat.

Also telling us more information about your husbandry would help a great deal as well.
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Well my rosey is about five months old. Feeding on pinkies. During the day the teperture is about a constant 87 degrees and at night its about a good 76 degrees and the cool is about 6 or 7 degrees less than the hot side. My other rosey ate just fine and they get put in seperate smaller containers to eat. She didn't eat the first time i tried but she ate to day. And old cesar the other rosey is still in his feeding container in the dark at about 80 degrees still refusing to eat. So I thought I might give mouse maker a shot.
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Riddle me this? How can a product from a bottle make a MOUSE smell more like.....a MOUSE?!
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Originally posted by mykee
Riddle me this? How can a product from a bottle make a MOUSE smell more like.....a MOUSE?!
My thoughts exactly Mykee.....LOL
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I picked up a bottle for a dollar (it was on clearance at SuperPet). I think it does not work, although there was 1 snake which seemed to like it. I recommend saving your money, and asking for some used mouse bedding from the petstores.
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I've never had occassion to use the mouse maker BUT... I believe it specifies "prey item" or "food item" rather than rodent. Since T-Rex developed it and also developed "Snake Sausages" there might be a pretty signifigant link there.

I HAVE used Lizard Maker. I'm a big fan of Candoia sp. (especially aspera) and neonates can frequently be pains to get started. While frog scented pinks have given me the best success rate, I tried the Lizard maker a few times and it worked pretty well on stubborn feeders. I've got a buddy who deals with a lot of kingsnakes who reports similar success. It's not 100% for those little guys who are holding out for frogs or lizards but I had about 90-95% success getting mine to take scented pinks when using the stuff.
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