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Thats quite a concern to me, I don't know if I like the idea of them going to a wholesaler where I don't know that they'll go to a good home. Looking at the other end of the spectrum is just as sad sometimes. Seeing as I'll be breeding BRBs among others, I would need to make sure that whoever takes them understands their specific needs. Well, it is a decision that I will have some time to make.

Let's keep this conversation rolling, there are a lot of good points being brought up and great tips for any small time hobby breeders!
Brent Strande

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I think most breeders want their animals to go to a good home. Most breeders want to make sure that the animals that they put a lot of time and hard work into producing stay alive long enough to live out their lives in as comfortable as possible and maybe even breed when they are old/big enough. However, on the flip side if you have 100 extra hatchlings sitting around that you have to feed and clean atleat once a week so are usually happy to find someone willing to take 25-50 of them at a time (you'll find this out when you have 50 Jungle Carpets and 75 Brazilian Rainbows sitting their and they all want to bite the crap out of you everytime you open up the cage to feed and clean them).

As far as pricing goes it is different for everyone. This is what I consider to be high, medium and low end.

High end anything over $15,000 US
Medium $5000-15,000 US
low end $1000-5000 US
Extremely low end $100-1000 CDN.

Corey Woods Reptile
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Corey, if a $1000 snake is extremely low end to you, would you mind sending me some pocket change? haha

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haha corey I dont even think my whole collection is worth that much
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lol. $1000 is extremely low end? Just my personal opinion of course, but here's how I see it:

$1500+ high end
$250-$1500 medium
$1-$250 low end

I think it depends on the herp too. For example, I would consider $100 to be high end for a frog and low end for a ball python. If I spend $10K on any herp, it better be "high end."
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It depends on the herp and the person. For Corey at this point, 1000 IS low end. It also depends on your income.

jjnnbns I believe its literally impossible to make sure each baby is going to a good home. All breeders would hope for that, but in reality you just cannot spend the time it takes to find that perfect home for each baby. I found it hard to do with only 20 cornsnakes and in the end couldn't spend anymore time on it, so half went to a pet store. It's a nice thought, but when producing anything you would have to be ready to feed and house the off spring for a LONG time until you find homes you feel are suitable for each one. This means you are out more money each week feeding and housing them. It's a choice for sure.

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I know what you mean Marisa. I will probably try to sell a good amount of them wholesale, but if there are any exceptional beauties I would most likely have to hold them back.

Anyone ever used Reptibid to sell animals? I don't know if I like the idea of having ANYONE able to purchase without any deciding factors from me.... hmmm

Thanks again, Brent
Brent Strande

0.1 Corn Snake (Anery), 1.1 JCP (High Yellow), 1.1 BRB, 1.0 Albino BCI, 0.1 Het Albino BCI, 1.0 GTP (Jayapura type)
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i would first try to sel them personally and then sell the leftovers to a local petstore with a rather good and knowladgable reptile section.
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