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Question Need help with a wood pecker…

This morning I saw that wood pecker made a hole in my balcony, he-she? Seem to be stuck on the bottom of a post, therefore I drilled a hole to help her escape, but now aim questioning myself.
Is this a nesting female?
Was it in trouble?
Should I close the hole back?
I don’t know much about wood peckers, but I did see a very colorful black white and red male knocking on this same post a while ago. What do you think? Id really hate myself if I just took away her nest site.
Ps. There where no nesting material in the post

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all i got to tell you man is that in a year you will have to replace that post cuz it is going to rott from the inside out and that will suck
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i dunno, but that doesnt look like a woodpecker to me. Think the english word for that bird is a Starling. But the beak looks to weak to make holes in a tree or in your case a post.
I think that it found a nice place to find dinner and then fell down or something
Just my thoughts
Greetz Daan
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yeah I'm with Doenoe I dont think its a woodpecker but its beak is to long to be a starling..... I think
I'm guessing it was just looking for either food or a nesting site and got stuck. It was probably a wood pecker that made the hole and that bird trying to steal it. I would just plug the whole up, the wood pecker might be back to do some more damage though.
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Old 03-29-04, 04:51 PM   #5 (permalink)
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I think you guys are right! it dosent look like a wood pecker, well glad shes free again.
Herpetoculture isn’t an exact science!!
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I can't see the bird pics, but if a woodpecker made the hole the bird was in then you have some sort of wood boring insects that you'll want to deal with.

Woodpeckers drill where they can hear insects chewing and moving beneath the surface of the wood. They don't drill unless there's something to eat.
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