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sketchy4 03-20-04 03:51 PM

anyone have any concerts planned this summer?
hey just curious if anyones going to any concerts soon. i myself am going to Ozzfest in the summer and next month i get to see HIM in Cleveland on their first U.S. tour! yay!!

anyone going to any shows?

TheRedDragon 03-20-04 04:30 PM

I don't have any concerts planned for this Summer, but, in 4 days, I'm going to Metallica, and Godsmack is opening for them. :D

kevyn 03-20-04 05:13 PM

I wanted to go to Coachella but don't think I'll make it down to Calfiornia this year. Wouldn't mind checking out the Pixies in Vancouver, but nothing really planned. I'm hoping that And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead will come to Van or Mogwai. Fingers crossed.

Pontus 03-20-04 05:32 PM

distillers at the end of the month :D

seann 03-20-04 05:40 PM

going to the distillers this week baby and warped tour nofx lars in the basterds!!!! ohh and the pixies!

Invictus 03-20-04 06:49 PM

POD with Lacuna Coil next month. :)

bidden 03-20-04 07:00 PM

EDGEFEST is being announced on MONDAY!!!! WOOHOOOO

scalawag 03-20-04 07:06 PM

Cowboy Mouth, anywhere. Prob Boston or Washington DC next week........ JAZZFEST New Orleans end of next month.

Bryce Masuk 03-20-04 07:08 PM

Metalica on da 26th and A Perfect Circle April 8th

sketchy4 03-20-04 07:14 PM


Originally posted by Invictus
POD with Lacuna Coil next month. :)
im seein Lacuna Coil at Ozzfest. they kick a$$! same stage as Slipknot(yay!), Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, Atreyu, Bleeding Through,Every Time I Die, Unearth, God Forbid, and Otep. and cant forget on the main stage will be Ozzy, Judas Priest, Superjoint Ritual, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, and Black Label Society. great show.

rattler keeper 03-20-04 07:29 PM


JonD 03-20-04 07:39 PM

A perfect circle april (22nd, been waiting for this one for 3 years!!) and incubus (6th time!) in july :D!!!!!!

Invictus 03-20-04 07:43 PM

Sketchy - DAMN YOU!!!! lol... I'd give anything to see some of the bands that are playing Ozzfest, but they aren't coming to Canada at all this year. Dimmu Borgir is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I'd kill to see them live.

Invictus 03-20-04 07:45 PM

Oh, and for the record, Lacuna Coil is probably my favorite band of all time, so I'm definitely not going to the POD concert to see POD. :D

justinO 03-20-04 11:39 PM

I'd like to see Lacuna Coil..

last weekend i saw Das Ich.. holy crap for crap.. awesome show.

next year im planning on going over to germany for the Zillo Festival..

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