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Demelo Kidd 09-11-02 03:29 PM

senting techniques?
Hey peoples
I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on senting techniques for neonate ground boas? 09-11-02 03:34 PM

While the rodent is still frozen, cut into his head about half way through,, then thaw the rodent and squeeze out a bit of its brain matter and then offer it to the snake(s), Works 75% of the time.. its a little gross but a good technique.

Linds 09-11-02 04:03 PM

Since they are ground boas their first food of choice is lizard. Your best bet is to scent them with Anole. Just rub the pinky all over with an anole. There are *other* methods people use. Not very commonly practiced (actually Ive only heard of this lizard slurry technique being used once) is to blend up a f/t or f/k anole and smear the pinky with some of that, or the simpler version of just cutting part of the anole (nose or wherever) and smearing a bit of blood on the pinky.

If you want to skip the lizard scented rodetns you can try them straight away on live pinky mice. Make sure they have plenty good burrowing to hide out in so they feel secure (in a small tupperware works best) and just drop a live pinky in at night. That should owrk well, I would try that method before scenting with lizard and if they dont take that then I would move to scented pinks. If that doesnt work you can try braining prekilled pinks (live Jeff mentioned).

Good luck and lets see some pics of the little kids! :D

Grant vg 09-11-02 05:41 PM

ok, this may be offensive to some herpers....

but what i did with a lizard eating species, was to boil a hot pot of water.....once it reaches boiling point, throw in a couple adult anoles....and then within a second they are no longer living.....
Take them out, chop them up....and throw there body parts back in the boiling water and let it boil for a 1/2 hour or so.....

U now have Anole Stock!!!
Sounds gross and may make some ppl sick to there stomach but this is the easiest way of going about it...

I tried keeping anoles for this peticular use, instead of having to kill them....
But they just eat TOO MANY darn crickets....

So u basically freeze the stock in a container....and whenever u want to feed ur snake, take it out early that morning and let it thaw.....i like to warm the stock up in the microwave before dipping the pinky in it...
Then ya refreeze it till the next feeding, i got my amazon off anole scented pinkies after 4 feedings:)

As i said, not everyone can sacrifice the lizards life for snakes, but ill tell ya somethin....

That lizard scented crap on the market doesn't work!.:)


Demelo Kidd 09-13-02 12:46 PM

thanks for the advice guys
And dont worry linds I'll be postn' pics ASAP

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