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Super Genius
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Donkey Kong is the best game ever made, all 4-bit graphics of it.
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Grand Theft Auto 3
Delta Force Land Warrior (online)
Quake 3
Battlefield 1942
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I have always been a big Final Fantasy fan..... and I have been with it since day one. I am not one of these guys who became a fan when it hit PSX (not that there is anything wrong with that)...... it's all about the original... Classic. The SNES Final Fantasy games were the pinnacle of the series.... but Chrono Trigger... I consider this the greatest game of all time. Here is my list of my personal faves in order.

1) Chrono Trigger (SNES)
A Timeless classic.... absolutely flawless
2) Final Fantasy 4 (2 in North America) (SNES)
Another timeless classic... a masterpiece
3) Final Fantasy 6 (3 in NA) (SNES)
The Opera Scene was unbelievable...... Pure art
4) Final Fantasy VII (PSX)
The one that raised the bar..... an emotional ride
5) Final Fantasy 9 (PSX)
Great graphics, great characters... All in all, the best ability and weapon/equipment system
6) Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Beautiful game, great story... but I hated the weapon system
7) Xenogears (PSX)
A big, long, fun game jam-packed with plot. I love long involved games.
8)Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PSX)
A rare gem that did not get the praise it deserved. Polygons be damned... sprites forever!!!!!!!
9) Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)
Addictive...... a riot to play.. with massive replay value and great mechanics
10) Final Fantasy... the original (NES)
The one that started it all. Still immortal and lots of fun. I think it should be higher on my list.
11) Breath of Fire 3 (PSX)
Gorgeous game, great characters
12) The Quest for Glory Series (PC)
Fun, fun, fun, colorful characters and lots of spunk. This series brings back a lot of memories and a smile to my face. I think these will be the next one I reply. A special mention to QFG 2.
13) The Diablo Series
I gave too many hours of my life fighting the forces of darkness. May I give many more.
14) Drakan: The Ancient's Gates (PS2)
Gorgeous game, great gameplay, lots of exploration and seecrets. And you get to ride on a dragon!!!! A very underrated game.
15) Silent Hill 2 (PS2)
Never has a video game creeped me out so much. Flawless atmosphere.

Well.. maybe I should have put the Final Fantasy series into one section.. but I feel all the ones I mentioned had their individual strengths. The only one I didn;t like was Final Fantasy 8. Horrid horridm horrid. I hated the junction system, and I hated the weapon system. The characters wer good, but the mechanics were so wacky I couldn't continue.
Honorable mentions go to:
Adventure Island 2 (NES)
The Zelda series (especially a link to the past)
Castlevania 3 (NES)
Dragon Warrior 2 (NES)
Knights of the Round (SNES)
The Star Wars games for the SNES

Double J
"If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now. It's just a spring clean for the May-queen."

-Led Zeppelin
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Homeworld and Counter-Strike.
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians - Worldwide Listings <-- Highly recommended.
Nutrient Composition of Whole Vertebrate Prey

A good friend will come bail you out of jail.... but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn. We ****ed up!"
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Love UT! Can't wait to see the new one. Won't run on my computer though:-) Hope I can afford to upgrade in the fall.

Hey Cruciform, I loved Star Control as well- the Arilou Skiff rocked!

Other PC favorites- recent (by my standards)- Total Annihilation, StarCraft
-older- Wing Commander, Ultima Series around #5 (9 sucked)
-ancient- Zork I and II, Wizardry I (for the Apple II), Raid on Bungeling Bay and Heart of Africa (C64), Ladybug (Colecovision), Sea Battle (Intellivision)

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!
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"Darkness...the whole town is being consumed by darkness."

does this give you a clue about wich game made me shiver for many nights?
Love will take you far and hate even further.
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Tony Hawk Underground - the best game EVER!!!
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For those of you who liked Unreal Championship on the XBox, UC2 is being previewed on Homelan.

We don't have anything to do with it this time around though. It's all Epics baby this time. They're adding hand to hand combat, and changing the gameplay a bit. I hope they get some better models too
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