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nuno 03-14-04 08:12 PM

Strictly Constrictors now up, check it out
I am thrilled to announce the launch of our anticipated website, . We strongly believe that a website is the best investment any hobbyist or breeder could possibly invest in - when done properly - and that is why we chose David Walklate aka tHeGiNo to build us a site. We had seen some of the work he did for others in the hobby, and knew that he was the right guy for us. I strongly recommend him to anybody looking for a web design done professionally. His service was utterly astounding – he was quick, incorporated all of my ideas into the site resourcefully, and did an implausible job. His performance was immaculate, and his knowledge superior.

Possibly the best part about David was his flexibility. The fact that he too is a fellow herper assisted in the process tremendously. I did not have to explain to him what a Pastel was, nor did I have to elucidate upon the characteristics of the Hog Isle Boa Constrictor. Again, anyone looking for quality performance done promptly, I strongly advise you to contact David. You can reach him through the following e-mail: (or PM him on ssnakess at “tHeGiNo”)

Thank you David for all the work you put fourth in getting my site on the web. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I also urge anyone with opinions to let me know what you think.

Bartman 03-14-04 08:19 PM

wow that sites amazing!!!
great work impressed :)

ReneeB 03-14-04 08:20 PM

Congrats Nuno

PortCreditPets 03-14-04 08:43 PM

Looks great Nuno.


Matt_K 03-14-04 08:53 PM

Very nice site Nuno, great job David.. What's up with the Gino Beats though??? LMAO

nuno 03-14-04 09:05 PM

Thanks everyone:D Matt.... LMAO....:D It's something different I

Strictly Constrictors

Dani33 03-14-04 09:37 PM

Congrats! It looks amazing.

ChristinaM 03-14-04 10:03 PM

Looks great :) Can't wait to see some snakes on the available page ;)

Simon 03-14-04 10:15 PM

Looks great!
Lovely web site and great looking designs!

boa 03-14-04 10:28 PM

Congrats nuno hope all goes well for you.

JD@reptiles 03-14-04 11:21 PM

Really impressive david.

Nuno, so what kind of snakes do you work with? LOL :P

Awesome job and keep up the good work, i am excited to see some upcoming offspring nuno!

JD@reptiles 03-14-04 11:21 PM

posted twice... my mistake

Wizer69er 03-15-04 12:43 AM

Congrats looks great nuno.

Grant vg 03-15-04 01:36 AM

Site looks awesome Nuno! Congrats!

Good job David!


Jeff_Favelle 03-15-04 01:47 AM

Good stuff Gino! Nice work!

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