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Old 03-13-04, 12:57 AM   #16 (permalink)
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That's really creepy. What really creeped me out was when I was downloading the song I heard three knocks (honestly) come from my speaker. It's probably just from another program doing something, but I think everyone knows how imagination can distort things and really creep you out. I hope I can sleep tonight!

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Ummmm..... it frickin' worked! That is too crazy.....
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I think I found the source of the 3 knocks! It must have been ICQ because it was running in the background and maybe someone just went online and it was a notice to let me know, although I've never heard that sound from ICQ before. The timing was perfect though and it freaked me out!

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lol, i should have read everything first. I downloaded, converted to wav, and reversed it myself. Ahh well

that is just crazy if its for real. Although it does seem like they were kinda making up words to match the sound. When i listened to it when i reversed it myself, i couldn't understand what was being said except for the word satan. When i noticed you could do it all on the webpage and listened to it with the lyrics in front of me, i could hear the reversed words. Does that mean its a fake? who knows...

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I used to play some songs backwards on my first computer.

I remember, when I was just a wee laddy - I'd go to a youth group put on by a local Church. The priest or whatever was actually a pretty cool guy, who liked hard rock. Anyways, he had a tape that he had been given, with a lot of hard rock song bits played backwards. It was put together and distributed to anyone who would take it, to show the evils of Rock and Roll that are brainwashing the children.

We used to listen to them, partially laugh about the people that went to all the trouble to find them - but we all agreed, it was spooky and cool. Not what the tape makers intended, I'm sure.

Then that thing on MTV came out saying the 2 most satanic bands were AC/DC and Iron Maiden (yes, this was the 80's) - and I got stared at in this small town because the only shirts I had at the time were AC/DC and Maiden shirts.

There are a few songs by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones that you can hear something on when played backwards, I think it was likely just a lucky coincidence - I don't think any of those bands would be smart enough to do it on purpose.

I like the freaky story about the song Black Sabbath, and how it was written. The band, staying in some old castle for recording to get a mood, were all in bed, all in seperate rooms. All of them saw some weird black cat human figure, which scared them very much. The next morning, they picked up their instruments, and played the song Black Sabbath for the very first time, but all knew the song already - some how.....

Iron Maiden, when recording # of the beast (I think it was recorded somewhere weird too) had either the song or the whole albulm get weird sounds on it after it was recorded, and they had to do it all over again. That freaked them out too, if I remember correctly.

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All I know is that last night when Vanan played that, I got seriously mad. He played it backwards for me before, but I couldn't make out the words.

Had to listen to Metallica to chill out afterwards. That and we were reading the Harry Potter seris, hard to get too freaked out when reading about Owls named Hedwig. (Geeks, I know!)

I'm not as much an expert as Vanan on Satanism and Satan Worshipping, but from what I could gather from Satanism, it's more about doing your own thing than about Beezelbub himself. Those who fool around with Satan Worshipping, well, they deserve whatever they get! Eternity in Hell seems like awful payment for some fame and a bit of cash.

I'm still shuddering and it's morning, and I'm all alone with dozens of the devil's "minions".
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honestly i cant say i beleive all of this heaven and hell stuff. im sorry people but i cant beleive that there is a huge supernatural being controlling heaven or an evil demon running hell. it just doesnt seem logical to me. im not too sure what i beleive in. but ill find out when i die. until then i wont know.
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It always seems it's when you are scared it could happen, that you takes things that happen as a sign..

Anyhow it reminded me of that ghost in the box thing, anyone got any news from that buyer on e-bay? would like to know what hoax he added to the
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I thinks its bs, how people think this junk is true, HOWEVER there are bands that back mask ON PURPOSE for fun, in the song forwards it plays things backwards, so when you play it backwards it is played forwards. ICP does this ALOT
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Which metal band was it that backmasked "Drink milk, it's good for you."
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Well if ACDC is one of the most satanic bands for backwards stuff so be it. Im gonna listen to that band till the end of time even if i am somehow dealing with Satan. LOL. I guess i am on the "Highway to Hell". LOL
Cheers, Ryan
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"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."
~~ Aleister Crowley

Crowley has had a great influence on rock & roll. Aleister Crowley was a large motivation and interest for many of the rocks bands back in the day. Not only did Led Zeppelin member Jimmy Page own Crowley's Loch Ness estate, Boleskine House, from 1971 through 1992, but the even the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Ministry had references to him in song and so on. The International Times voted Crowley “the unsung hero of the hippies.” Ozzy Osbourne called Crowley “a phenomenon of his time.” On the back cover of the Doors 13 album, Jim Morrison and the other members of the Doors are shown posing with a bust of Aleister Crowley. David Bowie referred to Crowley in his song “Quicksand.” Bruce Dickinson said: “… we’ve referred to things like the tarot and ideas of people like Aleister Crowley.” Sting had studied him,Daryl Hall ( of Hall and Oates) admits that he follows Crowley. Marilyn Manson has a referance to Thelema in the song “Misery Machine.” Do a quick goodle on Thelema and Crowley to where that goes.

As you can see, this is a large reason why so many Christians had a hard time with rock and roll. To sad they just could not sit back and enjoy it eh? To many folks get caught up in the "evil" of this world. I laugh at it, cuz I love this side of rock, and thankfully it happened.
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I have listened to some bands that blow that away in terms of straight up disturbing satanic lyrics..... Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse (more gore than satanism), Gore Rotted (same deal as corpse).
Try Dark Funeral, old stuff of Bathory's, Emperor, Dark Throne and Impaled Nazarene for blatant Satanism.

As for AC/DC, I always heard (when I was younger) that Highway to Heaven was the anti-thesis of Stairway to Heaven when back masked. That's an interesting story about The # of the Beast Ryan. Wish there was a story like that about Hallowed be Thy Name though. Would make it all the more mysterious!
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There is a reverse speech website where you can find out more information about reversals, not only in music, but political figures, etc. It does freak me out so I rarely listen to the soundclips anymore It's not always true that the words you're told to hear are the reason you're hearing them, even with the same amount of syllables, you can tell the difference between a 'fake' reversal as opposed to what you hear. According to the site, reversals have been 'planted' backwards in music on purpose, and apparently sometimes just formed by the sounds of speech during recording.
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