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Contest!!! Find The Snake In This Picture!
Follow the link and LOOK VERY CLOSE!!! there is a snake hidden in that picture if you find it you will win a prize.. Keep your speakers on loud as clues are given very quietly.


SilverTongue 09-10-02 11:48 AM

LoL 09-10-02 11:54 AM

its very hard to find... the clues are given VERY SILENTLY.. so turn your speakers up.. the louder the better...

Tim_Cranwill 09-10-02 12:31 PM

I found that I needed to turn the lights down and get my face pretty close to the monitor...

DragnDrop 09-10-02 12:49 PM

What's the prize? One free upholstery cleaning of a computer chair and dry cleaning 'lower body' apparel??

:P 09-10-02 01:09 PM


sophia 09-10-02 01:24 PM

LOL Cute.

Tay 09-10-02 02:53 PM

i almost pooped my pants when my girlfriend send me that one!! lol im not being helped responsible for heart failure or laundry bills! lol

J.J. 09-10-02 03:29 PM

THAT IS SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!! I am sending that to all my friends!! oh by that way jeff, i DID crap my pants!! lol jk!! but i was extremely close, my heart stopped!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to go to the nathroom afterwards too!!!!!!!!!!! nice job, you fooled me!

Melly18 09-10-02 04:42 PM

lol i was sent one like this one but it was a different appartement, freaky lol

Clownfishie 09-10-02 04:45 PM

lmao -- boy, did that ever wake me up *grin*... just the thing I needed after a long day at work ;)

KRYSTA 09-10-02 05:05 PM

my god that was a waker uper....i had something like that sent to me too but it was in a scary room to begin with and this screaming girl flew at god i almost pissed my pants for both of

Syst3m 09-10-02 05:50 PM

Didn't work for me. Didn't even see a picture.

reverendsterlin 09-10-02 06:44 PM

lol got me too

PoiSoNouS 09-10-02 07:07 PM

There is no snake in there..
So I won ? :)
lol ;)

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