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9/11 - It's been a year....

..and I'm still a little numb.Very coincidentally on 9/11 last year the following happened at my house. My wife was off from work. I came home early.My oldest son was home. My youngest had just called me to pick him up from school. He wasn't feeling well.This is my immediate family and we're usually in different places,away from each other during the day. Anyway,here we were watching this trajedy unfold on the T.V. BUT WE WERE TOGETHER! My wife and I could not have felt better considering all that was happening.Thankful that we were all here. I hope all of you have your families together often. Please take time with them.As we've seen,things can change dramatically in moments.My deepest sympathies are with those who've lost someone close.We must stay close as there are those who would take it all away in seconds.Let's remember the heroes before us and be thankful. Peace be with you and yours.
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You summed that up beautifully. Thank you for writting and installing here, such a wonderful piece. I dont think that anyone will ever forget where they where when it all went down. I know for me, it was the most horrific waste of human life i have ever seen and i hope each and everyday, that innocent people will never have to go through that terrible journey of human spirit again. So for those that where lost, and for their family members and loved ones, you will all be on my mind. s.t.
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Blessings both dark and light bring wisdom to us in the form of some of the most horrific tragedies. Here's hoping we learned what we were to learn from the loss and the feeling of helplessness that went hand in hand with it, a wisdom that comes only with open eyes, hearts and minds and generally only comes to us through pain.

My fears now lie with our current government and not with the terrorists, my fear is for our men and women in uniform who must answer to the Presidential demands no matter how maligned those demands might be. I love my country and my fellow countrymen, but wisdom in the upper echelon is not exactly evident. Let us hope there is a cooling off and 'none' of us has to say goodbye to another loved one in the military with that feeling of uncertainty in times of war and let's hope that we can see the humanity in one another rather than the cultural and religious differences. That is where the changes will be made most permanent.

You know they keep preaching tolerance.... to me tolerance means to tolerate until the aggrivation goes away. Shouldn't we be preaching acceptance and patience instead? Tolerance is like a band-aid that keeps washing off in the water....

Blessings of peace and prosperity,

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"He who always gets the last word, is generally the least intelligent speaker!"
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Just reflecting this morning and came across this painting... thought I'd share.

God bless America
"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
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