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do our herps hate us or?

do they just **** in the hardest places to clean for the hell of it? or am I the only one this happens to ? thats the problem of keeping natural looking cages I guess lol
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don't you feel vulnerable when you're sitting on the toilet?
maybe they do too
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My snakes use their waterdishes, anyone know of a small toilet that can be installed in herp cages?????
Jon Dona

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I have one that uses his waterdish too - and I like it because it makes cleaning easy. As long as I check on him and replace the water dish often, I know that the rest of his enclosure stays clean.
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I've got branches attached to slate and he will piss and **** in the smallest creaves him can find. I have to sit there with a toothpick and qutip to try and clean it all out from the cracks. Pain in the ***.
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Originally posted by Vengeance
I've got branches attached to slate and he will piss and **** in the smallest creaves him can find. I have to sit there with a toothpick and qutip to try and clean it all out from the cracks. Pain in the ***.
LOL, that sounds like a lot of fun . My snakes usually poops in a corner, and occasionally in the waterbowl, although I have one snake that really enjoys pooping right after the cage is completely clean and I have packed away all my cleaning materials.
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Mine are usually pretty good about doing their "business". sometimes it's the corner and if i get really lucky it's the water dish. The ones i really hate: All over the glass, like they smeared thier "butts" all over the place.
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yup, what drewlowe said! LOL. I hate it when the smear, my crestie is GREAT at that lol. My savannah is usually in the water dish but the other day he was out and crapped in a crack.
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Ours normally go in the corner, or, if there's 'feet' or divets in the Rubbermaid, they'll be sure to go in there where it's difficult to clean. It's a treat when they go in the waterdish, I wish all of them would do that.
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my leos are potty trained lol. but my tokay is a real hermit.
Bud Wells
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My females don't care and go where ever but my male always finds a corner and goes there. None have ever used the water dish, never that lucky.
Nita Hamilton
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Our boids use the dish or where ever, the colubrids all use the corner.
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