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Although I never kept them as pets, these were my rescue ducklings that I had for about a week. My mom used to work at the SH** Plant and ducklings would get caught in the filtration system. So I'd clean them up and give them back to their mothers.

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Honestly, its a duck for crying out loud, I really doubt some ones gonna call the by-law cops on you for ownin' a duck... My ex - girlfriend bought ducks from a flea market up north somewhere, kept them in her back yard durin' the day, and at night they'd go to the big garage and sleep for protection ( lotta 'coons in my area ). Dont worry about about people callin' police on you 'cause you got a pet duck.

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I had a duckling that I bought as food for a caiman that was a picky eater and I wanted to see if he'd take them but he didn't.. So I got stuck with a baby duck, cute watching them swim.. I got suckered in.. Anyways, I don't suggest you free roaming your animal unless you have hardwood floors and like to constantly mop.. Just throw the babys in a good sized box with aspen bedding and a food/water dish and youre set. Adults are best kept outdoors.. He now lives in the town cemetary, he's better out there than any of my ponds.. heh..
Good luck.

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We had a bunch of chicks in our yard for awhile when I was a kid....every now and then I'd hear them sqwauking only to find our pet sheltie licking them like popsicles!lol that was in T.O. no one complained...we had a shed to house them as well. for some reason they started to disappear as they grew older???
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My sister had two pets ducks when we were growing up in North Carolina. She kept them in a topless cage, and one night an owl came and got one, a few months later, she let the second one go free at Dan Nicholas Park. He was so happy being there with all the other ducks, he could hardly contain himself. He just quacked and quacked.

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all you have to do is keep it a secret and tell no one, when someone comes over put it somewhere so they wont find out, if you have a good friend that lives beside you they shouldnt mind, but i dont see the problem keeping a pet duck

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I have ducks their the best, especially when their little, and when they play in the water, or with the sprinkler. I have rouens, muscovy, and minature, but I live on a farm.
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The penguin site is fictional. You cannot just buy a penguin.
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I never had Ducks but I've had Chickens before. What a mess!! I call them the Pidgeons of the barnyard. Sit anywhere and poop anywhere they liked.
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Originally posted by seann
due can you really buy a penguin? are you ****ing surious? cause that is so Kool!!!!! lol ahahahaha i wannapet penguin lol imagine bringing that home holy ^&*% thats great I love it!
think you could afford the air conditioning bill?
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you cant own an elephant in mississauga? whats up with that?
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ok, if you get a young enough baby it will imprint on you. Basicly you will be "mother". It WILL follow you everywhere, and if you are out of it's sight, it will quack until you get back, or until it falls asleep. Which ever comes first.

You have to have something atleast 6ftx8ft, wings clipped, and a kids pool. They HAVE to have access to water like that at ALL times. Otherwise there is some kind of disease that will cripple their feet.

You should be able to find a good duck feed at any farm supply store.

If it is a baby, it will take a while for them to devlope their oils.

When I had mine, I don't know how old it was, but I put a little (and I do mean little) bit of baby oil on it's feathers. He looked funny for a long time, but the natural "duck oils" kicked in.

A mother has natural oils she uses when she preens the babies, and that keeps them afloat. So when you put a baby that hasn't been preened by it's mother in water, they kind of just soak the water up. So you have to be careful of that.

Just google "duck care sheets" and you should come up with a bunch of things.
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I would be careful about getting a pet duck if they aren't allowed. You won't be able to hide it for very long... The noise will set your neighboors off.

A couple of years ago, a neighboor of mine got himself a rooster. I was the one who called the city myself to complain because the thing was squaking every friggin' morning and wouldn't stop. I live in downtown Montreal so I was pretty peeved at being woken up at 5am by the damned rooster. I treasure my sleep and can ignore many sounds but a loud rooster just won't do!

You won't be able to prevent your duck from quacking and since they tend to do this very early in the morning, I would guess that it won't be long before someone complains about the racket...

I love all animals, but I won't tolerate a neighboor's animal making too much noise and regularly...

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Hey I've seen this post a few times and just never got around too adding my 2 cents worth, now this come from a guy who’s grown up on a farm, ducks are easy too keep, feed for them can be purchased at a farm supply store, and yes baby ducks will learn too follow you like they would there parents its natural too them and cute at first, but they don’t out grow it. lol,
As for living in the suburbs and owning one if your serious about it look up what is called a "calling duck" there a species of duck bread too look like many species of duck, or just pure white, they were originally bread in England for hunters too release into ponds too attract wild ducks, there small size made them easy to jam into carrying pens, they stay all small and "cute " there whole lives, they don’t get any bigger then your common pigeon I would suggest these as pets over any others, there cage would be able too be smaller and they wouldn’t draw too much attention. Could easily be kept indoors and wouldn’t require a full kiddy pool a large bowl with 4 inches of water would be plenty. Now how’s that for duck knowledge lol,
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