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haha good news

This is when you know parents barely ever mean what they say. When i started out with reptiles i coudnt even dream of owning a snake because my rents hated them, especially my dad! So i went to a show and saw he started finding them pretty cool, i still couldnt get one, but he kept calling me and was like, WOW look at this one! So that day i just bought one without his concent, a ball python...he was pretty mad but didnt reallyyyy care. So about 4 months later i finially got him to look at it and be in the same room when it was out..then a month later, he touched it! Then just today he actually held it for the first time haha i was so happy!! Now its my moms turn...she starts screaming her head off if shes downstairs, im upstairs and just taking it out for a little bit...its so funny.
Well that was my news
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lol, congrats. My mom doesnt like holding my snakes, but she has. My dad wont even go near them Luckily my lil sis loves snakes, so she holds them when im cleanin enclosures
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my mother "appeared" to like snakes as long as "step dad" had one, but once he got rid of it, she likes snakes, as long as they don't go near her.....of course "step dad" loves snakes still.

But considereing I was the one that kept watering the poor thing (the heat lamp would dry up the water bowl and anyone who had read some posts in the lizard forum knows how well they took care of their iggy) like dusty dry, they finally ended up getting rid of him......but now he eats live RATS.....
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You guys are so lucky... my parents won't let me get one for pathetic reasons... gah
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same here bro my mom flipped when I got a bp now she is handling boas and ive only had snakes for maybe 3 months or so
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In 2002, I was only just allowed to get one snake, in march 2003 I had two and wasn't allowed any more, now in 2004 I have four

But my parents both seem to like my snakes
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at least youre even allowed to have it. i cant even keep a little corn cause my parents just cant stand em. i say if you dont like it then dont come into my room.
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LOL, my husband isn't a big fan either. So I got a leopard gecko first, he touched it. Then I got a few snakes and he never went near em. He was with me when I got my hognose and while I was hangling him before I bought him, my husband reached over and touched him. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! A couple of weeks later, he held some of them. It was funny though. It looked like he was holding uranium or something. Funny, I was just thinking about that today.
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