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Big Mike 03-01-04 11:36 AM

Clean Sweep
I'm usually not a big fan of award shows but I have to happy about LOTR:ROTK winning all of the Academy Awards that it was nominated for...11 in total.

In fact I think it should have been nominated for more, cinematography for one and maybe best supporting actor for Sean Astin.

I have been following PJ and these movies for more than 4 years and it's nice to see that he won these awards to recognize the achievement.

daver676 03-01-04 11:47 AM

It's great that LOTR cleaned house, but my favorite part was Eugene Levy and Katherine O'Hara's singing of "A kiss at the end of the rainbow".

It was a good show, and good lord, Charlese Theron is a goddess. :flick:

mykee 03-01-04 02:30 PM

I'm boycotting the Oscars. Bill Murray was robbed.
As a sidenote, Sophia Coppola; what a frump. Her laissez-faire attitude and demeanor is terribly unbecoming.

anders_240sx 03-01-04 04:12 PM

Awww Mykee ...too many big words j/k .... Its good to see that Sophia Coppola won ... she has talent ... gee I wonder where her talent stems from ..hmm ....

Removed_2815 03-01-04 04:22 PM

I am with Mykee on this one, she seems extremely lackadaisical (defines her perfectly) and unappreciative, I am humbled that P. Jackson took Best Director. Sophia receiving Best Director (and thus becoming the first American Female to win said award) would have left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.....
Plus, she was an integral part in the demise of Godfather 3 (perhaps, then, I am just bitterly biased towards my distaste for Sophia Coppola....).
P.S. Bill definitely got ROBBED!

marisa 03-01-04 06:33 PM

I couldn't believe how many ROTK won. It was awesome.

The other choice I liked was Charlize Theron for Monster.


mykee 03-01-04 06:50 PM

It seemed that Sophia had this eatsh** grin on her face the whole time, (or maybe that was just her horse-faced normal look??) as if she was thinking, "I know I'm going to win, my daddy is Francis Ford". I'm glad Lost in Translation was shutout, but sorry as hell for Bill.

BoAddict 03-01-04 07:13 PM

i wish johnny depp had won but sean penn is an awesome actor too, anjelina jolie was as hot as ever she is my goddess

LOTR deserved everything they got and they couldve been nominated for more

bill murray is good but i think johnny depp was just amazing in pirates of the carabien

mykee 03-02-04 01:56 AM

Johnny Depp has plenty of time to win an Oscar, however Bill Murray has put out some great films over the last 20+ years.

Tim_Cranwill 03-02-04 02:23 AM

I was hoping for Bill Murray all the way.

I can't agree more about the "frumpy" Sofia Coppola comments. She didn't seem to enjoy one second she was on film.

Best song: Bah, either of the Cold Mountain songs were WAY better (especially the Elvis Costello one. ;)) and "Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow" should have beat out the LOTR song too.

LOTR: well, I just hope they didn't actually "save" all of these awards for the last film. That would stink. If LOTR should have won best picture all three years, so be it. Let it win all 3. If there was one picture "better" each year... tough luck. I just think the "best" candidate should win regardless of what's coming out next year. How is "saving" the awards for the last film fair to this year's "real" best picture/director/key grip.... or whatever. Oh well, it's not like any of it matters...

Hottest lady of the night: Julia Roberts

Person who looked most like they live in a dumpster: Peter Jackson! :D Trim you beard, comb your hair and rent a decent suit, you millionaire! LOL

marisa 03-02-04 03:00 AM

I am so suprised...its all the guys being the catty after Oscar gossipers....and hardly any of the chicks here LOL


Clownfishie 03-02-04 03:04 AM

LMFAO Marisa!

jay76 03-02-04 10:25 AM

I missed the Academy Awards? Consarnit!

Big Mike 03-02-04 10:39 AM

I love that Peter Jackson looks like a bum. He is like the "Anti-Hollywood" It's not "a look" and he doesn't have a stylist to dress him (did you see Uma Thermon?) That is just how Peter dresses...only he never wears a tie and usually wears shorts.

daver676 03-02-04 12:27 PM

How cool would it be to roleplay a game of AD&D with Peter Jackson as the GM. I'm suck a geek.

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