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Question on Snake Anatomy

I was thinking last night, and these questions came up. Call me stupid for not knowing, but do snakes control when they shed? Also, how DO they shed? I can't put my question into words so hopefully someone can get the grip on what I am trying to ask. This all came to mind when I was thinking about how snakes shed after an injury, even if they just shed lets say a week ago. Thanks in advanced.
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Well they shed as the grow......... They do not control it........ They way they shed is the shin on top wears down and gets old and the snake out grows it in a way......... What then happens is a lubricant comes up from the skin inbetween the new layer and the old layer....... That is why the snakes eyes cloud up when they are about to shed......... It rubs its mouth on a rough surface until the skin lifts off the lip......... The process is completed as the snake crawls through its old skin..... Damage to the skin and scales will also bring this on...... But it is not controled by the snake its self........ Hope this answers your question.....
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As Gregg mentionned, it isn't a process that is consciously chosen by the snake at that particular time.

Different factors can influence the frequency of sheds: growth, injury, disease or other of the likes, reproduction, etc.

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Neat, thanks. It was the whole shed during an injury that brought me to ask the question. I wonder how the body knows to shed?
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Kinda like how our own body knows how to heal wounds, shed and the like. These are factors that every animal goes under.
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Yes but the thing with snake sheds are that they come in one peice. Human skin cells are replaced individually I think? It is the whole all at one time thing that amazes me.
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