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Funny story about a scrub python, we got it on video

This morning we went down to the zoo to check on the snakes, set up a quarantine cage, and set the scrub up in it's permanent enclosure, out of the quarantine enclosure.

Sheila put a box in the quarantine enclosure, hoping next we checked the snake would be in the box.

We've suspected that this snake may be "tame" for some time, as it has never tried to bite us. It is a 7-8' long aru scrub that we acquired a few months ago. The person who sold it to us, was afraid of it, mostly because it is a scrub.

So, I decided this morning would be a good test to see if I could handle it with a hook alone.

All was going well, and the scrub crawled up the hook and on to my arm. This is when Sheila started videoing.

I could have rectified the situation, but, as can be heard on the videotape, Sheila firmly believed the snake was infact "tame".

Around my neck the snake continued, and perched up on top of my bushy haired head.

Whack! It bit my hair, and scalp. At this point in the video, all you hear is Sheila laughing.

I re-positioned the snake, and it came back up around my neck. I tensed up, expecting a bite (I've always feared being bit by a scrub python in the eye, since scrubs have very long teeth)

Whack! Back of the neck.

I placed the snake on the floor, so I could re-hook it and guide it into the small trap door of what is supposed to be his new enclosure.

You know when you can tell a snake is about to really let go, and musk everywhere. You can hear me voice my concern about this on the video.

Also, he didn't want to go into the enclosure, via the small trap door.

The video ends with me gracefully, and very quickly, snatching the snake perfectly by the head, having my arm constricted, putting my arm into the cage before the snake musked, the snake musking, and then me unwrapping the snake and releasing the head with super hero quick reflexes.

I'm glad we caught it on tape. The last thing you can hear me say on the video is "Oh, so I suppose I'm bleeding".

Luckily, I was not bleeding. The scrub loves his new enclosure, and looks very pretty in the branches and fake plants.

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LOL! We gotta see that video!
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The video is a howl! A fine example of why I use a trap box on any snake of questionable temperment. The funniest part is when it whacks him in the back of the neck. In an instant, both snake and hook are placed on the floor (at my feet, I might add)
Like a Mastercard commercial...
scrub python $400
snake hook $50
reptile t shirt $25
videotaping your hubby being bit and musked - priceless!
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And ya wonder why I didn't want any, too funny. Hows your head Ryan? LOL Mark
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Mark, I'm assuming you are asking about the snake bite.

It did not latch on to my head or my neck, just a love bite - no blood, no scars.

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Ryan- you have to get this video into a form that we all can see! We want to be able to laugh at... errr, I mean sympathize with your plight
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You don't need to be bitten if you can watch a video of someone who is
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lol @ scalawag

I think I need a special cord to be able to put the video on to the computer, I will look into getting one.

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I look forward to seeing the video.
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What model of cam is it?
And what type of video card do you have?
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Old 02-27-04, 08:24 AM   #11 (permalink)
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It's a JVC mini DV 100, I sent you a pm.

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Hey Ryan, I have the same model.

I've looked around for cables to download on a PC and seems we need a card and cable.. It's around 40-50$. Check on ebay.

I'm sure you can make a mini Ryan-o-thon and people will surely make small donations to see that !!!

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