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Question Cash VS Cheques at show

Hi all,
Stoked about the show in Calgary this spring. Only been to 1 show so far and that was in Oliver BC and wasn't very big but I loved it! Just wondering if my chequebook will be sufficient for the show or if I'm going to need armloads of cash. Do you guys think the breeders will take cheques? Kind of a dumb question I know but I want to be prepared!
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I would hesitate to accept a cheque from someone I didn't know...
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Bring lots of cash and you can meet me behind the building. hahaha
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Unless the dealer knows you fairly well, it's unlikely that they'll accept a cheque from anyone. You'll have alot more luck if you bring cash, plus you will be able to stick to a budget that way. Can't spend money you don't have, right...? Damn good thing breeders don't take Visa or I'd be living on the streets...
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I have never accepted cheques, and most breeders don't and shouldn't.
There are just too many dishonest people that will write cheques that bounce, or end up having holds put on them for ridiculous reasons like
" it wouldn't eat when I got it home"
Cash is KING at shows! And in addition to that most sales should be considered final.
Another note to vendors and breeders...examine the currency carefully and consider having a UV lamp checker.
At least one conterfeit bill was passed off at a past Toronto show
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Do people still even use cheques?? LOL!

I'm with Roy. I'd never accept a cheque at a show. No way, no how. Cash is where it at for reptile shows.
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Old 02-26-04, 04:38 AM   #7 (permalink)
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The cash machine at the Legion is usually filled up prior to the show.. (speaking from experience!!!)

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I know....cheques what the heck are those. I seriously haven't even thought about them or using one for a like three years now. LOL.

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Heh, the herp industry needs an escrow service

You give the middleman the money, and the breeder gives him the snake. He puts the snake in quarantine and if it's healthy after X amount of time (and the payment is verified) he finishes the transaction for you
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I use cheques for rent. Cash is for herps.
- Ken LePage
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Speaking of this...I think it was the spring show in Calgary last year or the 2002 fall show. The bank machine at the legion was out of order on Sunday when I tried to take out some cash. I had to drive around and find a convenience store with an ATM.

If I were an exhibitor at that show, I would be pretty angry that the ATM was out of order or ran out of cash or whatever.

Bring cash with you and keep it safe. It's a pretty friendly atmosphere at the shows but they are usually so packed with people that you might want to keep an eye on your wallet.
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I wouldn't take a cheque at the show. I wouldn't take one at a face to face meeting for delivery of goods. If some one want to give me a cheque and collect the animal/item when the cheque clears thats a different story.
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cash all the way, usual they wont take checks, but the shows there could be different

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I don't think anyone at the shows will accept cheques. Cash is king.

Certain vendors don't mind a direct deposit into their bank account, and then you can pick up your herp at the show.
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There's a thought...

Is there a network available there?
I'd totally do account transfers on-site
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