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Join Date: Dec-2003
Location: oneida, tn
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are you afraid of any reptiles?

every had a reptile that you were just scared shitless of? lol excuse my language. but seriously.. one you have, or have had, or know of.
just wondering. my bf is afraid of our tegu because he snaps at him everytime he puts his hand in the enclosure. he works all day so he doesnt see how much time and effort i put into our other herps to get them they way they are now. i think that he thinks everything should be tame as soon as you get it.. i cant get it into his head that it takes time. its kind of funny though. he wouldnt shut up until we got one, and now he's afraid of it.
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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I can't think of a reptile I'm scared of, but I'm terrified of medium-sized spiders. I don't mind the mini ones or the tarantula-like ones, but those ones with the long skinny legs (that are big for Ontario spiders) freak me out! I think it's the legs that scare me most. I can't think of anything else in the world that I'm more scared of than those guys.

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I had one I was really scared of when I worked at a pet shop. It was a huge nile monitor and the thing just went crazy everytime it saw me. When other people were around it was calm and normal (couldnt touch it) but when I came around it unleashed the gates of hell on its enclosure. It was crazy.
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Afraid of...No, Intimidated yes. ther are times in the field when i will corner a large snake for capture and documentation, and think to myself Oh crap....what have i done, why did i just do that, as it stands its ground
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Location: Oshawa Ontario Canada
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lol I dont think I could go one on one with a king cobra
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Hahaha I was intimidated this weekend when Kurzix handed me a Tree Boa, but again, I wasn't afraid, just very timid.
"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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the most agresive reptile i ever had was this one 3 foot male green iguana i rescued. i wasn't really afraid of him, but wouldn't pick him up with bare hands, i dropd a towel on him and got gloves and every thing lol, he was a mini crocodile
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lol o.k dont laugh, even tho this is a snake site, i am the lizard type of guy, i have never in my life touch a snake, with my bare hands, im not afarid, but i just dont like things that bite, the media has done really well, and made me stay away from them. The fangs, so i stay away, one of my goals this year to touch one,and mayb ill turn around and get into snakes. So im dong more research to find how they really behave

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Id have to say im affraid of crocs/gators...never seen one in the wild but at reptilia, petstore near me, they have an american alligator which is probably 6 feet...a killer i hear But the guy who manages the place holds him with no problems, not even anything round his mouth!
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Yes! I am the captive at this house.

The thought of animal teeth going into me drives me nuts. I take the bites but it really isn't me fav part of keeping.

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komodo dragons make me really respectful towards them. when i working at TZ i was helping close down for the evening. the guy called the komodo over and all i heard was a loud BANG on the door. this was a metal door and i thought the thing was about to knock it down. just amazing speed amazing strength.
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snakes, spiders, monitors, don't really phase me as long as i have the proper tools for the job. even big iggys i can handle with gloves/long sleeves. the only animal in my collection that really intimmidates me (you can laugh all you want) is my little tokay gecko! she's pissy as all hell and that bark-and-lunge gets me every time!
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I'm scared of spiders that are really fast and have long skinny legs. They creep me out. I just got chills...

Not reptile related, but I'm also afraid of deep water where you can't see what's underneath you. Not in a swimming pool, but in the Ocean.
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Location: Montreal Quebec Canada
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im scared of damn rattle snakes , they look so mean which is why i wanna go face to face with one in the wild no manipulation no touching i just wanna be there with it
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Spiders and Snakes!

I'm scared shitless of both, but I don't let it stop me. I figure the best way to conquer my fears is to face them
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