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Old 02-27-04, 08:28 PM   #46 (permalink)
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i am scared/hate all inverts (im not sure if its that im scared of them or that i hate them?)
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I'm prity skiddish of arachnids, i wouldnt say scared though. Got my first emp scorp on sunday and ive handled her 1nce, and there not as bad as i thought. Glad i got her
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I am generally afraid of the unknown. The things that I don't have experience w/ I am afraid of. I was afraid of arachnids before I got them. Once you know thier behaviour and how they react, it's not scary. Same with anything else. Once your educated and experienced it's all good. I am certainly afraid of any large monitors, large constrictors, crocodilians, venomous etc. I am sure that once I had the education and experience of dealing w/ them I would be fine, (although I don't have any plans for keeping any of them).
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I am not afraid of any reptiles, however I do have a healthy respect for those that can inflict serious injury if you do not respect them.
Rather than try and comeup with my own statement I'll just say what she said.
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There was an experiment done by these guys called Watson and Raynor on this baby named Albert where they introduced a rat and then scared the baby with a loud clap when the rat would appear. Eventually Albert became scared of rats because of the association with the scary stimuli that followed. But he started to generalize the fear and eventually became scared of everything small and fluffy, including teddy bears. Apparently he spent his whole life scared of them. I think that shows that we can learn to be scared of almost anything.

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Old 02-28-04, 12:11 AM   #51 (permalink)
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i am scared of animals that can kill me and will.

also i am scared of my mice they are savage and dispite all there food they eat each other. and the nice white has been stained with blood. savages haha

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Old 02-28-04, 12:27 AM   #52 (permalink)
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LOL..I find it amusing when I see people write things like "I am not afraid of any reptile" or "I am not afraid of anything". I am willing to bet a year's salary that if anyone of you encountered a full grown Croc in the wild...that decided to come after you..and that "you" were going to be its next meal...that sure as sh** you people would be SCARED!!!. It's a natural human its can admit when your scared.
That doesn't constitute a phobia. That's like saying someone is affraid of cars if they get scared to see one speeding directly at them.
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chamitch: How many mice do you have to a tank? The only time mice will really canibalize one another is when one is already dead, lack of food (which you stated isn't the case), or overcrowded/stressful conditions (I have heard of females killing males but I think that's more reserved to when a male enters their territory)
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That doesn't constitute a phobia.
Well if you read the asks nothing about a phobia. Just if your afraid of any reptiles? As I said, for me I would be scared to be next to an adult croc weather it were coming after me or not. I guess it's like someone said about "fear of the unknown". Something that big and powerful that can kill you in an scary. Most likely my fear would subside if I were to learn more about them and have more encounters with them. This is not a phobia, cause if I had the opportunity (in somewhat of a controlled setting) to get close to one..I definately would...but be scared as hell the whole time.
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Why would I be scared of my own kind?
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I think.....for me.......the most frightening reptile would have to be the bearded dragon! Yikes!
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Originally posted by MartinW
I think that shows that we can learn to be scared of almost anything.

It is also proven when you show a snake to a young child say five, and a teen, the five year old will mostlikely want to hold it, watch it etc., while most teens are scared of them, taught by their parents whom are probably afraid too.
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Until we got our Tarantula, I was terrified of spiders.........before we got her, I did a lot of research on them and the more I learned about them, the less I feared them. I think the "fear of the unknown" is a very common condition. I always thought that a spiders goal in life was to find me and bite me (LOL, irrational I know) but once I started to realise what they are really like, I feared them less and less.
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Originally posted by necoris
I'm scared of spiders that are really fast and have long skinny legs. They creep me out. I just got chills...

Not reptile related, but I'm also afraid of deep water where you can't see what's underneath you. Not in a swimming pool, but in the Ocean.
im the same way. but my fear of deep water is from childhood trama. lol. seriously though i had just learned to swin (i was like 6 or 7) and my cousin threw me in the deep end of the pool and i almost drowned. so im cool in water over my head as long as if im at the bottom of the pool i can push myself back up to the top.
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You should never be affraid of or scared shitless of a reptile........ One thing that you should do is respect them.......... Especially the ones that can be dangerous......... The fear of snakes, spiders, lizards, ang bugs is not a natural fear....... It is usually passed on to you at a young age........ Usually by some event or by learning the fear from someone else........ There will never be anything to fear if you have respect for an animal and keep a healthy distance away from the ones that can hurt or kill you......
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