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I have a true love for all reptiles but my first lizard was savannah monitor. He put on quite a show when I got near him... Puffing, hissing, tail whipping... I soon learned that he was all bark and no bite (mostly LOL) And he grew to be one of my favourite pets.
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Freak the hell out of me

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spiders, crickets, meal worms, those kind of things, lol. Those are whats stopping me from getting leo geckos, chams, cresties....I hate crickets, especially those mutated looking cave crickets that look like a cross between spiders and crickets........eck.....eww...!

Ya not herp related. But If I'm swimming, and I swim out to where I can't touch the bottom, and I can't see the bottom, I flip out! I don't like going in past my waist if I can't see the bottom of wherever I'm swimming.

And I'm afraid of whats in the dark. You know, when you get that feeling someones watching you, but no one is there...Especially when your tripping your way to the bathroom at 3 in the morning.
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I am not afraid of any animal or invertabrate. I have a very strong respect for them all, but I can't think of one that I'm actually scared of. After hadling venomouse snakes and spiders bare handed you really get a respect for them. Knowing that they have the ability to seriously injur you, yet don't... Kinda makes you adore the animals.

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wut really scares me is the dark as well, not herp, but tahts wut im afaird of, stuck in a room with no doors and its pitch blackall you cant hear a thing, now thats freaky

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Necorsis: You're just like me. I'm scared spiders with long skinny legs and I'm also scared of deep water. I've never gone water-skiing but I'm sure I'll be scared because of the deep water.

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I'm not afraid of any animals either. I respect them, and I'm caution, but what **really** scares me is plumbing. I'm terrified of like water heaters, urinals, drains, dirty bathrooms, stuff like that to the point where I can't go in the vast majority of restroom - public and private alike. I have the strangest phobia ever!
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I can't think of any reptiles that I'd be phobic of, but I still wouldn't want to get bit by a bunch.

A lot of people seem to be nervous about deep water. I grew up on the east cost and we swam across the channel in the bay near my house (80 feet deep) and it's like you can feel the depth beneath you. I was always nervous in the back of my mind that a shark would come along, but what kind of shark would be found in those waters right? Then they caught the largest great white shark on record in those waters when I was 11. D'oh!

(if interested just do a search for PEI, great white, 1983)
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I used to be real afraid ( but curious if there was glass seperating us) of snakes, until i decieded it was time to get over that so i bought some corn snakes.

I really like tarantula's but they irritate my skin ALOT so i can't hold them.

I wouldn't quite call it scared more intimadated and cautions of aggressive species. kinda like my Neo (cham) i'm not scared of him but i'm cautious, cause i really don't want to be bit.
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: New York
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if I came face to face w/ a full grown croc or gator in the wild..I think that would be a bit scary. That and a wild, full grown Afrock..YIKES!!!!
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Don't think I am scared of any reptile... i'm just careful around the ones I have to be careful around and act according to the danger involved. If I was scared I would not have "hand fed" a 16ft salt water croc but at the same time I wasn't gonna let it eat out of my hand either. :P
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I'm not scared of any of them, but there are two that would intimidate me and those are king Cobras and Russell's Vipers. Both would be my dream captures in the wild. I'm hoping to gain some experience with Kings in the near future.
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I'm scared of cats, dogs, and people. Waterskiing is really not that scary-just hard!

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Im nervous around really big boids that I don't know are friendly and some snakes that seem really aggresive. The largest snake I've ever handled was a 12ft burm (man did she do a number on my back) but I knew her and I knew she was gentle. I haven't had alot of exposure to any lizards that weren't friendly or wouldn't run away from you on sight, so Im not really afraid of them. The animals that really make my gut flip are big cats though. When theres a fence between or I know for sure its a gentle cat Im fine. But its those ones that might decided they're more interested in you then their breakfast that make me shiver. I guess I picked the wrong profession.
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