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Bartman 02-22-04 10:56 AM

what'd ya guys get
So what did everyone end up getting at the tell you the truth i wasnt to happy with this months show, i couldnt find silkworms or anyone who had accessories. The animal dept was pretty good, i saw almost everything but i didnt really go to this show to get another herp but some accessories...I did end up getting a mini snake hook from matt, The savannah monitor book from ravi, which is amazing so far :), a bag a vermiculite, some pinkies and mealworms.

What did you guys get?

daver676 02-22-04 11:09 AM

Damn. I knew someone would start a thread like this, and all I get to do is sit back and be jealous since I couldn't make it!! :p

m1k3_88 02-22-04 12:43 PM

Bartman, i saw a whole table with silkworms and butterworms. As for me, i got a female emp scorp from arachnomania and i got a female baby aztec corn from jordan.

Betty Miskie 02-22-04 12:54 PM

I bought a gorgeous dark choc/orange fire crested gecko (thanks Woodland Edge Herps), crickets, waxworms and a new home for my cresties. I really wanted to pick up silkworms and was very surprised that they were not there.........Can't wait til April's!

Drew S 02-22-04 01:12 PM

Me and my girlfriend combined and got:

A baby male Brazilian Rainbow Boa.
A gravid female leopard gecko.
An Eastern Box Turtle.

And also some waxworms, crickets, vermiculite, and I think that's about it.

silent_truth 02-22-04 04:03 PM

I dove into the world of crested geckos with a great looking light coloured specimen. Also got some heat rope and an ESU thermostat.

meow_mix450 02-22-04 04:16 PM

i got a leopard gecko :) omg you should of seen the pigmy chameleons, a 150 each!!!!! i saw a dude get like 8, lucky


mathaldo 02-22-04 04:19 PM

My friend got a yellow ackie, and I put a super hypo tangerine from High Quality on hold to pick up in 2 weeks.

Jeff_Favelle 02-22-04 04:49 PM


So what did everyone end up getting at the tell you the truth i wasnt to happy with this months show, i couldnt find silkworms or anyone who had accessories.
WHAT? NO silkworms or silkworm accessories? Geezzz, I almost flew out for the show too! Good thing...........


BoAddict 02-22-04 05:05 PM

I just got a 55 gallon tank and lid

JD@reptiles 02-22-04 06:19 PM

i sold a whole bunch of stuff. Thank you for who ever bought somthing from me and take care of them :). thanks to my staff as well. you guys did a great job.

I got a great temp gun from ravi. thanks man.

Classic 02-22-04 06:27 PM

I wish i could have gotten a grey band.


HeatherK 02-22-04 06:55 PM

lol, I didn't have the best luck finding what I wanted at the show either. I couldn't get pinkie rats, superworms (because I didn't want to buy them in 100 lots) or tank accessories, so once I left the show I just had to get my stuff at PCPC. I'm looking forward to the new larger venue.

I did enjoy seeing all the animals as usual, that made the trip worth it.

Bartman 02-22-04 06:56 PM

I got there a 9 and by the time i left, about 930, there were stilll absolutly no signs of any silks...did they come later?

CHRISANDBOIDS14 02-22-04 07:01 PM

I got to sit here, to homework, and not fly out to the show and buy more herps cause i got no money, LOL! Glad ya'll had a good time!

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