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Jeff, he might not be looking for big lots of 50or more, maybe he was looking for just a few
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i had to be in driving school and i had no ride so i couldnt have gone anyways. I really loved the last 3 i went to but couldnt make it to this one. hopfully the one in April!
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If you need silkworms so bad, why wouldn't you just order them from the huge banner that appears at the top of this forum 300 times a day??
I was thinking about that a while ago but last time i bought so many silks most ended up dying even with the food i was giving them...i just wanted like 2 dozen or biggy
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I thought they lived a relatively long time? Like longer than crickets did? I've never used them though, so you couldn't fill a thimble with my silkie knowledge, ha ha!
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i ended up getting a few of those big silkies to try out-so far everyone likes em, and a box of crickets-half price to what i usually get em for.
oh,and some cages from someone who just stopped in for a sec.
No animals this time
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My friend Katie picked up a pigmy Chameleon for only $60.00. I got 2 desert hairy scorps, 5 emperor scorps, 3 a.avicularia, 1 avicularia versicolour, 1 pink zebra beauty and 3 millipedes
Q. What's brown and sticky? A. A stick!
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i picked up the only nile monitor they had there and damn is he a good eater he ate when i first got him home and he isn't shy at all i love it so much
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This was my first time at the show. We went there to check out prices...didn't plan on buying anything. My wife ended up getting a nice cal-king. Nice to have something for the 10 hour round trip.

Wanted to see some hognose babies, but only saw 1 adult male. Wanted to price green or black tree monitors, but no luck. Didn't really expect to find those anyway.

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Re: ...

Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
I thought they lived a relatively long time? Like longer than crickets did? I've never used them though, so you couldn't fill a thimble with my silkie knowledge, ha ha!
They are supposed to, however the adults may cocoon.
Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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Bartman, i saw you standing looking right at my table, lol. i was on the corner as soon as you walk in.
Jordan David M.

"I Don't Get Mad, I Get Even!"
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Well I got (or rather my friend got for me) a fire morph (hopefully) female Crestie from Hilde (Woodland) I can't wait to see her thought!! lol I saw pictures, but it is never the same as in person... hopefully the next show in April I will be able to get there!!
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I got mealworms from PCPC store as I wanted 3000 not 100 lots for 2$, and I got wax worms, 2 red sided garter snakes, and picked up a bibrons gecko
2.0 ribbon snakes, 0.1.1 bearded dragons, 0.0.2 occellated skinks, 0.01 bibrons gecko, 0.2 redsided garter snakes, Mississippi map turtle, RES turtle & leopard geckos!
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I got a cheeseburger... :flick:

All I went for was to trade some feeders for a snakie, but the snakie forgot to be packed so I get her sometime this week... went to give my breeder pair of spiny mice a new home with Silke (I'll miss my little babies, I've had them for around 4 years... Mike is happy they are gone because he doesn't have to deal with them playing while he is trying to sleep... but I know they are in a great home)... went to sell my '02 female Ball Python, had people interested all the way even as we were walking back to the car in the parking lot but I still brought her home -> come on people! you won't find another like her for only $100! I also bought picked up some mealies for my sister... I was dissapointed that did not make it out... I was hoping to pick up some waxies, butters, and silks, as well as my sister had wanted me to pick some up for her as well. Well, this is the first show that I never bought anything... and this is also the first show that Mike and I didn't eat something (anytime we go together we always end up eating bugs or something else).

Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
I thought they lived a relatively long time? Like longer than crickets did? I've never used them though, so you couldn't fill a thimble with my silkie knowledge, ha ha!
It's a pain in the butt trying to fight nature... I'm always cutting mine out of cocoons
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75 med rats, 50 large rats, 6 rabbits(thanx Jason)
25 hamsters(thanx Rob Ward)
1 beautiful Crocodile monitor(thanx Matt) ps- he all ready ate last night, settling in great!
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Had a great time at the show! Was awesome meeting everyone ... yes, I actually got over my shyness long enough to meet people this time

Wasn't supposed to buy anything... but did of course. LOL. Got a gorgeous female black variable king off of Joe -- Thanks Joe! She's awesome, I can't wait to actually bring her home with me... lol... Now I just need to fine a nice male to pair her up with, and I'll be all set for next year

And a big thank you to Matt for looking after her for me until the weather warms up a bit so I can get her shipped out to me! You rock... Hopefully I can beg him nicely into taking a couple pics for me after she sheds so I can show her off

Anyways -- had a great time, great meeting everyone... and hopefully I can make it out to another show later this year to do it all again!
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