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Starter snake

Hey, ok i have no clue where to put this cause i have no clue about these guys at all! I just want someone t tell me what a good starter snake would be. I heard about corn snakes that a are a good starter, What im looking for is something that wont grow up to 5 feet lol, looking for small snakes. I dont like things that bite lol, a snake that rarly bites would be nice but we all suck it up If you got some ideas i would be thankful, i just need to know what i should research

Thanks guys
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My first snake was a Kingsnake. They don't grow too big, will accept owners mistakes (as long as they aren't too severe), and eat like there's no tomorrow.
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If you are looking for something smaller how about a rosy boa or sand boa? They stay around three feet and come in a variety of colours. Maybe a hognose they stay small and I think they are neat looking. Childrens and Spotted Pythons would also be a good starter snake that stay small.
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Well, it ALL depends on what type of snake interests you, and what you can care for the best. As for boids, Ball pythons can be a great starter snake. They rarely exceed 5 feet, I've never been bit by any of my Ball pythons, though it can happen if you mess with them during shed cycles, feeding times, etc.

As far as boids, I would also suggest Hog Island boas (maybe), rosy boas, dwarf boas (i.e Cay Caulkers, etc). Boids usually require a bit higher humidity levels than colubrids, but I think that's the fun part. When everything is good, and they're eating for you, you know your doing what your supposed to.

As for Colubrids, I can think of corn snakes and Kingsnakes. Those are great little snakes that are forgiving, usually GREAT eaters, and don't require high humidity or temp levels.

There was a thread started similiar to this topic:

what python species is better to get?

If you just search around a bit in the snake forums, I'm sure something will catch your eye, then you can get more info on that particular species. Good luck.

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