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Hot Rocks Good for Nothing?

I was digging through a box of reptile stuff and found a bunch of hot rocks I got in a trade a while ago. All I have heard about them is that they are outdated and dangerous. Is there anything that these are safe to use with? I will have some babie beardies this upcoming season and it would be nice to use them if I can. For now I am assuming I should just toss them, but thought it might be worth checking first. Thanks.
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i would'nt use them, and if i was to use them i would cut the cord off and just stick them in the tank for looks...
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Yup... I agree with the above statement. If you really want to use them just cut the cords. If you want to use them as hot rocks, you can place them under a basking bulb and they will heat up evenly and safely
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good call. i hadn't even thought of using them as regular ornaments. lol.
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Yup thats what i do, well i actually use them for weights(kind of like paper weights but big ones) around the house. LOL.
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That's what I did with mine. Cut the cords and use em as tank decoration.
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A long time ago when I had a heat rock .. I built a small wooden boz about 1 xm over the rock .. this way the heat was spread out evenly enough .. althoguh i agree that they are totally worthless.. An ornament is its best use..
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A buddy of mine has a few old ones still in the packaging that were given to him by someone that got out of the hobby. He uses them as weights on top of a few of his rubbermaid snake enclosures. I guess they do have some use after all.
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make a loop with the cord and hang it on your christmas tree.
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swing it by the cord to whack rats

*lets find new ways to use heat rocks LOL*
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i used to use them but then they killed my 2 family green iguana's and for a new way to use them give as a really crapy
x-mas gift lol
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hot rocks are great for wiehgts on top of cages, they also provide a great basking rock (dont plug it in, just put it under a heat lamp and it will heat out nice n evenly as linds said)

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This thread makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
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good for peta demonstartions.... swing and whack the peta member on the head.
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Originally posted by Lisa
good for peta demonstartions.... swing and whack the peta member on the head.
That's the idea!! LOL
Wow, I had no idea these things were so maligned.

I've never bought any commercially available one, but I used to make my own, by putting heating pad internals that include a thermostat(from the surplus store) into a rubbermaid for a mold and pouring quick set fence post cement into it. They work great
I still use them occasionally for supplemental heat under trays.(but not in cages)
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