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I think its horrible...

Hi, i recently took in an abused animal and it makes me sick too think somebody would willingly let an animal under there care get too such a horrible condition, when they even have the stuff too treat it, The worst part is this guy owns a Perfictly healthy Nile monitor , but didnt want the savana that he had, so from the looks off it he was just letting it die off, when i got it yesturday it hadnt eaten in over a month, its SEVERLY dehydrated, has mouth rot which he was somewhat treating, and has sores on its stomach some of whch asround the anal area have spread too his legs very sever, what maekes me mad is he gave me a bottle of Bridine with the lizard why would he not have washed those infections before they becamew serious, ?? im doing my best too turn this old guy around, just becaus i hate too see an animal that must have had a good home before this guy because its 9, but he ended up withit some how for the past few months , and its almost dead, with any luck i can bring this thing back and let it live out its life with good health, but it just drives me insane too know people do this too animals, even putting the thing down as much as i hate too say it, would be better then just letting the thing die and suffer, all becaus eri think he just didnt want it, any way thats my rant on the guy ,, there are detailed lists of thats wrong wiuth him in the varanid forum,
sorry this is so long just had too get my rant out there,
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I am so sorry for your Sav. I'll keep you in my thoguhts.

I recently had a similar experience. My husband works w/ a guy who wanted to get rid of his dog. They wouldn't let us take him until we found a home. They said it was too stressful. They told us that he was healthy and had his shots updated etc. Well, They sent me a picture and I found a home for him. They live close, so the night before we were to drive him to his new home, we asked if we could come and see him. Just give him some treats and get a little used to us. We had to drive a few hours to meet the new owner.

Well, he was in bad condition. Smelled really bad, matted etc. I asked if he could come home w/ us so that I could groom him and they said no!!!! Well, when we went to pick him up in the morning, I could see that he was worse than I thought. The lights were dim and we couldn't really get a good look at him. When he saw me, he was so excited and dribbled on the floor. The urine was a mahogony colour. The woman goes, oh, I don't know why hid urine is so dark. Anyhow, we got into the car and gave him a full bottle of water. He almost drank the whole thing. I think that they were restricting his water so that they wouldn't have to take him out often. Anyhow, we stopped a lot so he could pee and kept straining. The new owner told me today that there was blood in his urine. I also checked him over in the car and his teeth are rotted. His tummy was also sensitive. If I touched the right side, he would growl. They had also said that he was well socailized and got along well with other dogs. Well the new owner contacted me to tell me about how he was doing and he is absolutely terrified of her other dogs.

I just don't understand how someone could make an animal suffer. The prvious owner have a beautiful, immaculate home, money, new car etc. How could they do this to him? We knew them as aquaintances and they seemed like nice people. Now my husband doesn't know how he is going to work in peace with this guy now.

Ugh. Sorry for my rant, I am also very upset.
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It really is very sad.

There was an incident here in Edmonton. Apparently, someone didn't want their iguana any more and said that they were just join to put it outside in freezing weather.

I think ERAS tried to rescue the poor thing but was unable to save the iguana.
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People are horrible. One guy in my geograpghy class today when i metioned i had a snake, he told me ( in a rather proud tone) that when he was younger that he had a red eared slider and had a good cage for it and all but then when he picked it up he thought it was too cold and put it in the microwave to warm it up, the poor turtle was cooked to death. His parents didn;t even try and stop him some people are so arrogent. I also know a person who kept his red eared slider in a 10 gal tank and rarly cleaned it with no filter and then when i told him to take better care of it or let me find it a better home he gave it away to a person without a tank who was gonna let it wander around his house some people are disgusting. when i told him that they need a large tank with filters and so on he said the turtle will be fine qoute "its not like they have feelings anyways" end qoute :S disgusting *shakes head*

sorry to rant but i hate when people think of animals of mere possesions rather than living beings.
Kayla Young
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It's a very sad site to see, i think most of us have at least one horror story, I know i have a quite a few. I'm glad you are at least going to attempt to help him if only we had more like yourself.
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The kitten that has become a new member of the family was taken in so we could find a good home for her.

One person calling up said she really needed a new kitten right away (for the children) because they left the front door open to carry stuff in and out, and no one noticed the cat got out and disappeared... in -20 weather plus wind chill. They just wrote it off as dead.

Our cats aren't outdoor cats in the slightest. If we have to leave the door open, they go into a room with a closed door until it's safe to let them out again.

It irritates me when people get a pet to satisfy a small child (or a passing whim) then have no consideration for it other than entertainment value.
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This enrages me so much. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who would do such a thing?!

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Big Mike: I heard about that last night at the meeting... they didn't say what happened to the Iguana though, just that the SPCA was dealing with it. People like that need a good size 12 to the rear.
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