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Tim_Cranwill 09-05-02 08:25 AM

Thamnophis forum
Has anyone thought about adding a Thamnophis (Garter Snake) forum? Most of us have probably kept them at one time. And some of us may still be keeping or breeding them.

Just a thought. I won't be offendedif it doesn't happen. 09-05-02 12:00 PM

I think its a good idea, lets see what others think, if we get enough people hungry for it, i will implement it right away :)

snakedude_03 09-05-02 02:12 PM

wouldnt be bad i guess...?

Sean_.E. 09-05-02 02:18 PM

Good idea!!!!!!!

Linds 09-05-02 02:28 PM

Ewwww :p Actually I think its a pretty good idea to have a garter/ribbon forum :)

josefg 09-05-02 02:32 PM

Why not...



Kurzix 09-05-02 07:55 PM

Jeff it a good idea just so those of us who never thought about keeping them, can learn and maybe want to keep them ourselves

BIG SCOTT 09-05-02 08:37 PM

Hey Cranwill,

That's an awesome idea I love garter snakes and have kept them many times. But while we're on the subject of adding forums how about a WATER SNAKE forum. There are so many great water snakes out there that people need to learn about.

Syst3m 09-05-02 09:58 PM

Garters are Awesome snakes and I'm suprised that there isn't already a forum for them. I dig any animal that fishes for its food!

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