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Angry The Horrible IBD

We had no idea where to post this, but we really need to get everybody's opinions/views on the situation.
It all started about a month and a half ago when we discovered one of our ball pythons acting very strange, she had no control over her neck/head. So we took her to the vet, to be told that she MAY have IBD. We got her some medication incase that wasnt the problem with her, only to find that 4 days later she died. We then took her to the vet to get an autopsy done ,she was checked by 2 different vets (they sent brain matter, and other internal organs to be tested). A week later we get the results back, they come out positive for IBD. We have now lost 3 of our snakes to this, and the rest are soon going to be victims. The vet told us that this disease came from the breeders stock, meaning the mother or father would have been the carrier.
We have talked to the breeder about it before coming here. We were rudely brushed off and told it was our fault!
You'd think that being a well known breeder, "they" would have at least shown some consideration towards the situation, but instead just denied the fact that we were sold a snake with a horrible disease.
I don't see how this is fair to us at all, we've put everything we have into our snakes, and now we're going to lose it all from one snake that was supposed to come from a reputable breeder.

Thanks for your time,
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Sorry for your loss.Who is carrying this in canada?
We all need to know?
Did you get your money refunded?
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If it's true that your snake would have contracted this from the breeder (i totally do not know but hope some experts will comment on that) and the breeder blows you off still, I think a thread on the Canadian BOI is MORE than called for so the rest of us can protect ourselves.

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Wow... I think this is the first case I've ever heard of in Canada. Sorry to hear about it. How long did you have your Ball Python before it started showing symptoms? As you know with all the other animals that have been affected, it is highly contagious, meaning that it doesn't have to only come from the parents, and in the case of pythons, it certainly wouldn't have been passed down that way. Pythons cannot be carriers as they have a very short lifespan once infected, whereas boas can carry it for quite some time. Do you have boas in your collection? Do you have actual proof that this came from the breeder, or are you just going on the vets word? Is this breeder specifically in pythons? If they do not have boas in their collection, it is highly doubtful it came from them.

If you wish to disclose the breeder's name, as Marisa stated, please take it over to the CBOI
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wats up
do u have any other snakes>
and what breeder did u get it from?

thanx dean
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We will need to see copies of a letter from the vet(s) confirming that it was indeed IBD before we go on a "witch" hunt. Please make sure you don't sell any of spring from any suspect animals as this is a leading cause of transmission. Any way of scaning the vet documents and then posted them as a jpeg or something?
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whats the CBOI, pm me with the name of the breeder please
sorry for your loss, i lost one to IBD too, it is a horrible thing to watch and know theres nothing you can do.
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canadian board of inquiry

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oh and 1 more thing what if the person doesnt have access to a scanner?
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What is IBD?
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You can read some about it here.
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Inclusion Body Disease. Its like a retro-virus basically like AIDS.
Check out this link.
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I'm not an expert on IBD either, but I'm glad Linds brought up the boa / python thing.

I've heard, to check your boa collection for IBD, one of the things some people do is to put a ball python in the room. If there is IBD, the ball will expire quickly.

My personal opinion, is if it is infact IBD, you did not buy the ball python with it.

Are the vets really sure it is IBD? IBD has beeen misdiagnosed before.

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Ryan the ball would have to be in physical contact with the boas. It's transmitted through bodily fluids much like aids. Mites is one of the leading causes of the spread of IBD. So if you have a boa that has it you could have a ball in with it for a long time with out anything happening if your collection is clean and free of mites.
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We are sorry to here of your lose to the circumstances you stated and if its a breeder situation as well and they are not honoring up to it, that is a shame as well.

If you have other animals (boids) start separating them into quarantine groups and medicate if possible in control environments to observe if all can carry this out and if it is IBD in each situation. If all you have is these animals from this one breeder in your collection you have started the process of gaining the right information for your claim. If you have purchased other animals from different locations and breeders you will need more positive information for your claim. As BOIDKEEPER said get a copy of what the vet stated in digital format via a scanner or take a photo and have it listed into the net on all forums you use as your proof of your stated comments. Get copies in written format of the breeder dismissing your claim, get copies of anything proving your purchase of that breeder confirming these ball pythons are from there location, emails, receipts, and shipping records. In simple terms prove your claim on all factors and from there the community will understand your claim and stand by you and black list this breeder for there negative ethics of business practices.

Many factors come into play on your situation and you simple have to prove there is in no way this is your fault. I know it sounds hard but reality is if you have been wronged you deserve to be compensated as long as your claims are 100% solid. Because anyone can make this or any claim against a breeder and breeders know this is part of the business, your only choice is serious documented proof from beginning to the end.

Well that is my 2 cents, sorry if I offended anyone, and great if I taught anyone to be more cautious on making animal purchases.


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