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meow_mix450 02-02-04 07:03 PM

American Idol/Willium Hung
hey guys

hmmm i usually never watch this show but, i was bored so i turned it on, and it was the funniest thign ever. here is a site where you can see Will Hung, wow hes everywhere lol, all my friends are tlaking about it, web sites etc.:p What do you guys think???


mykee 02-03-04 12:12 AM

At least he doesn't lipsynch...

Linds 02-03-04 01:23 AM

The site doesn't work :confused: Anyways...lmao he was AWESOME! I want to bring him everywhere and make him sing... that was hilarious! :p

Matt_K 02-03-04 02:03 AM

can you believe he's had no professional training????

mykee 02-03-04 03:13 AM

The sad thing is that he didn't have ONE friend to tell him not to go on the show. Not one!

Pixie 02-03-04 10:04 AM

I was really pissed when they didn't let him go to hollywood for the next round...

IMHO, he IS this year's American Idol :D

Hope he makes a CD and DVD!


Matt_K 02-03-04 02:15 PM

He and that dude from the last one that sang 'Like A Virgin' should hook up and do a duet for suuuuuure..

Lrptls 02-03-04 02:44 PM

he made a huge change in my life... he got me singing that ricky martin song all the time. lol, it was too funny, his dancing was the best too.

MAN OF STEEL 02-03-04 03:55 PM


meow_mix450 02-03-04 06:49 PM

lol ha ha, but a great additude


emroul 02-03-04 06:51 PM

I think he got paid to do it......LMAO. :D

AshleyL 02-03-04 06:56 PM


Originally posted by Matt_K
He and that dude from the last one that sang 'Like A Virgin' should hook up and do a duet for suuuuuure..
ROFLMAO, Keith, that guy's rendition was the greatest thing i've ever seen. And don't get me started on the dancing,. that was HOT!

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