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Old 01-31-04, 04:04 PM   #16 (permalink)
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that and a nagging wife, nothing beats that ;-)
just joking, but it's true a dog will tend to restrain more thieves than a logo in a window.
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restrain? haha id be afraid to see what my dog would do under bad circumstances!!
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Read about that on some of the other boards. That really sucks. Our house was being "watched" last year-found evidence outside the snake room window consisting of a pile of cigarette butts and broken lawn ornaments (as well as stake-lights missing) and promptly acquired an alarm system a few days later. No problems so far.....

I figure it was probably someone who knew him-or someone he "mentioned" the snakes to. This is why if you own something expensive, you don't mention it to anyone. Just not worth the bragging rights anymore.

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Old 01-31-04, 05:36 PM   #19 (permalink)
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I don't even mention my corn snakes to people.

You have two groups of reptile thieves in my opinion. High dollar theives like these, and cheap kids who want to steal something. Good example...a year before adopting my Green Iguana, someone broke into the owners home, rolled her into a carpet and stole her. I mean, you cannot even pay someone to TAKE an iguana yet this kid stole one because of the "popularity" value amougst his friends.

That is why no one except my close friends, family members and select people who bought from me last year, know what I keep. Everything is normally in one room with a locked door. It could be corns or 50,000 balls. Someone always wants to steal something.

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Old 01-31-04, 06:43 PM   #20 (permalink)
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Stealing an iguana is funny for sure but not as funny as a story I heard about someone having their pitbull stolen. I mean how stupid can you be? Ever hear of the Humane Society? Another animal you can't pay someone to take if you want rid of it. I mean can you even call the cops when someone steals something that will certainly cost more money than you could ever hope to sell it for? At least in the case of the stolen high-end BPs they showed a little ambition. Still sucks for the poor SOB that had his stuff stolen though.
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Old 01-31-04, 11:04 PM   #21 (permalink)
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my folks insurance agent said a dog is probably the best deterent.

my friend left his rottie in his car while he was @ the dr some one tried to reach in the sunroof and take the sterio. they left their watch behind. I had 2 of the sons from that dog. never had to worry about being robbed with those two around. most defensive and loyal dogs i've ever had. They were not all bark and no bite like other dogs i've had, but they were totally cool with people if i said they were ok. couldn't give them regular dog toys though they were a waste of $, they chewed on tires instead.
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rotties are a tough breed, we had a 120 pound female, she was a really great dog... when our house got robbed, she let the theif in, but he couldn't get out, we were rentin' out the top floor of our house and one of the people who lived upstairs called the cops and the cops walked in on the theif a few minutes later. she unfortunately died due to cancer at the age of 8 but she'll never be forgotten.

Back to the topic of snake theft... I would definetely say it was someone you knew or knew what oyu had in da house. If you found normal females lying around and yet everythin' else was taken, then someone knew what they were doin' for sure. i dont know who this guy is who got robbed, but i would run a finger print check on everyone i could possibly find in that area who owns reptiles. however, a robbery like this could drive a person to come from a distance due to the type of aniamsl stolen. so whether its a local theif or out of town folk, its hard to say.

best of luck on catchin' the theif or theives.
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Old 02-02-04, 04:47 PM   #23 (permalink)
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Damn right... Dogs are the BEST deterrant! Nobody wants to deal with the sharp end of a Rottie!
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OMG, that is HORRIBLE. I really hope that they find the @ssholes that stole those snakes. If I ever got my hands on one of those thieves, I'd be sure that they'd never steal anything again...let alone walk...
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If I was the person that lost all my snakes cause of that useless theif and if I caught him I would smash his face in and then take him to the cops. i hope he gets them back or I hope they at least catch that useless peice of *****......sorry I just hate theives
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Thats just sick, come on, someone stealing snakes, dogs thats sad, they cant even make 50 bucks and get a iguna, pretty sad, and must go steal one......thats just low

This person knew what he was doing, if he didnt take that 1000 bucks, and digi cam, then he was just looking for one thing. the snakes, he must have known the guy

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Holy sh*t...that just plain sucks. I hope he finds the ******* and puts him behind the bars where he belongs.
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I agree that it definately sounds like the person(s) who stole the snakes knew the collection. It seems you can't trust anyone these days. I may not have a big high end collection, but nobody would leave my house alive after my 120lb Bullmastiff, German Shep, and 2 other dogs got through with them. I just hope Jeff gets his collection back and the theif(s) get reprimanded. (I'm sure I am not alone when I say I could think of a few ways to teach them their lesson)
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