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Old 01-30-04, 09:50 PM   #16 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Toronto
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my 5 1/2 foot whitethroat monitor (varanus albigularus) grabbed an orange and ran around with it in his mouth biting it every few seconds.. I think the juices shocked him so he would scatter around more with it hissing but it looked as if he enjoyed it..... Just imagine a big aggressive lizard fascinated with an ORANGE!! hehe it was pretty funny to watch..
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Location: Southern Ontario
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My dog Lucy has a habbit of karate chopping everything. It is kind of embarrassing when you go to the park and she chops other dogs - lol. I've even had dog owner ask questions about it. She doesn't mean any harm, she's just cute. Plus, she is only 10 pounds!

She also lays on the floor when she's really excited and happy and swims. She literally lays her tummy on the floor and does the breast stroke. She's the best, makes me laugh all the time.

Oh, she also likes to steal underwear out of the hamper when we have guests. She'll run right in front of everyone with them dangling out of her mouth. Even at dinner. Thats always nice - lol.
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my Argentine Tegu wandered out of the bathroom that he's staying in at the moment, found his way down stairs, into the kitchen and sat waiting at his food bowl (this is not his usual feeding place, just the bowl) after finishing his snack he went straight back upstairs and to his favourite hiding place in the bathroom again.
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Our dog Shaddow has seperation anxiaty. when ever we leave for a few hours we find stuff he's decided were treats and chewed on in the bedroom (he always takes treats to the bedroom). He's chewed through tin cans that were in the recycling bin in the cubboard. He answers to all the cats names too.

Our old dog, Lexx used to bring his food to katey when she was sick, took her a while to figure out what he was trying to accomplish

Weirdest thing our snakes have done is one escaped and turned up coiled up to the VINAGAR bottle. My guess is he was hungry (we use vinagar to clean the feeding containers between feedings).
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Location: Edmonton, AB
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Haha, my dogs(yellow and chocolate lab) used to be pro at retrieving those floating dummies out of the water when you throw them. We have taken them to competitions but always got like 4th place or something. Well one competition day, it was the dog before our's turn, and our dog was not on leash(none of the dogs were cause they were well behaved) and our dog ran out into the middle of the field between the water and the dog going for the dummy and took a dump right in the dogs path. He then went and brought the dummy back to another person across the pond. I was like OMG. People were laughing like crazy. My other dog(this pond(dugout) was like a field then in the middle a steep hill to the water) was going to be going to get it(the dummy) and so it was trown. He ran all the way to the top of the hill and took a dump and came back to us(without the dummy). The anouncer dude said we should try again. This was a competition between some of my dads coworkers and their friends so they gave us another chance. Anyways, we tried it again and amazingly, he had enough poo to do it again. he runs out to aproximately the same location(about 6ft away) and takes a dump and comes back to us. By this time people were laughing their @$$ off. Anyways, we never entered either into a competition again. Even at our acreage before entering one of the ponds or just after exiting the remaining one(chocolate lab, the yellow was put down due to bone cancer, his hip was bigger than my dads and my dad is not a small guy) still takes a dump. The yellow did a few times aswell. It was really strange.
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Old 01-31-04, 01:08 AM   #21 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Montreal Quebec Canada
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my stupid siamese chocolate point cat plays with his own crap .
not very funny but weird .happened a couple of times since we have it .

The the weirdest is my ferret ... she like to steal my gf's bras. Its like she cant help it . We tried with all types of cloths but all she wants are the bras . She bring them to a hiding plays with them for some times then she falls asleep with it . Now the bras are all detroyed . She can open anything in the house , we tried locking the drawers with tape and she can still get throught .Very intelligent little creature and a lot of fun to keep
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lmao omg thats so funny! these storys are killing me

1.1 Panther Chameleon Nosy Be
0.1 Leopard Gecko
1.0 Jackson Chameleon
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My brother's dog (small mutt of about 10-15 pounds) is now about 15 but ever since she was a pup she has given a gift of socks to everyone who enters the house. As soon as the doorbell rings, she runs off to a bedroom, finds a pair of socks and when the visitor enters, she waits at the feet of the person, excitedly dancing around until they reach down and take the gift from her.
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My Burm bet on Carolina in the Superbowl..I think she is nuts but you try explaining that New England has a better offence...snakes ..go figure
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Old 01-31-04, 07:06 PM   #25 (permalink)
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My Dog pretends to be asleep when you call her and she doesn't want to come...she lays down and closes her eyes and keeps them kidding when you walk towards her she closes them really fast and then opens her eyes when you leave..
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Old 01-31-04, 07:42 PM   #26 (permalink)
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Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: Ontario
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when my burm was a baby she used to put her water dish on her head and bang it against the side of her the middle of the boa has put herself in a headlock with her tail and then struggled to get out the more she struggled the harder her tail would hold on! cat meows "hello" in a childlike voice...its kinda scary not funny...he usually does it in the morning standing at our the bedroom door...
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Old 02-01-04, 02:52 PM   #27 (permalink)
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hmmmmmmmmm. When I first saw this post, I never had anything really weird....until recently

- was observing my leopard gecko's, and noticed my male albino licking at his vent area. Thinking oh crap, he's got something wrong, I noticed some ummmm, fluid. HUH? He kept licking and I noticed.....wellll, I think you should be able to fill in that statement.

I think he has reached sexual maturity

aside from that, my fish keep me laughing all the time.

- one of my large pleco's ( by large I mean an 11-12" common plec) will suck his way up the glass at feeding time, I slide open the lid and drop some flakes, he waits till the pigs have dispersed, and comes to the surface, swims belly up, sucker mouth pretty much out of the water, as I feed him flakes right in his mouth

- I've opened the lid to the fish tank before and forgotten about feeding.....sitting on the floor by the tank, reading......damn fish are so kind enough to splash, soaking remind me to feed them.

I have many other fish stories

Chris ( aka bichiraddict)
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Old 02-03-04, 06:22 PM   #28 (permalink)
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I had a mouse that used to jump up and down wacking her head on the lid of the cage.

Now 100% herp free!
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Location: Montreal, Canada
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My mother's cat is deaf (can't hear). So everyonce in a while, she will jump in the air for no reason. And the funniest thing she does, is run after reflections either on water or reflection of a light on a wall or anything
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