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I dont think people here are lookin' for cheaper alternatives, they would just like to 'know'.

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You stole the words from my mouth Dozer..

There is allways something stopping me to ask questions here..

Some people are so closed minded.. They do what they read without trying things on their own and buy only what's at the petstore cause they think it's safer.

It's not because you pay a plastic plant 10$ at the petstore that it's safer than the 2$ plastic plant at Wallmart.

There are so many other examples like that...

Anyways, no offend taken, but I just like to clarify that I started this thread to get answers and yes... if I would of read (with proof) that I can feed my snakes chicken parts, I would.. Why not ???

If feeding costs less, I can have more snakes..

I do calculate all costs before adding a reptile to my collection.. I didn't put up this thread because my collection is bringing me to bankrupty. I like to learn and seek other ways..

I knew at the begining that the first answers I'd get would be about salmonela, antibiotic, steroids.. etc..

It wasn't really the point of the question, yes it needed to be said because it CAN be dangerous.. But I find people look for these easy things to say instead of really trying to answer a difficult question and have some kind of evolution in the hobby.

BTW, Trevor, this reply is not directed to youl, I simply read all the answers and that's kind of the image that I see from this thread, please don't fell attacked by this reply just because it follows your participation to this question.

Thanks to all that answered, but 'd sure like to get the info on nutritional values.. Let's not stop her

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Not taken as an attack at all. Learn all you want about the possibilities of feeding alternatives for your snakes but I for one feel that it's a mute point. Rats and mice are proven. If it ain't broke why fix it is my attitude. Call it closed minded if you want to but while people are experimenting with alternative food sources for their herps, it's the animals that "may" suffer not the owner.
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Thanks to all that answered, but 'd sure like to get the info on nutritional values..
I beleive there was such a chart or a link to a chart posted in the feeders forum. I beleive mice were marginaly better then rats, didn't pay attention to the rest as i'm not interested in feeding chickens to my snakes (mainly from the messy poop). Hair in general is not digestable, whether it's fur from a rat or cat or hair like on your head or on the mane and tail of a horse.

I wouldn't eat the comercialy available foods if I could afford organic food. I do think the steriods in our food is part of the obesity problem that many people in north america deal with (laziness is another part).
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Originally posted by wyz

Thanks to all that answered, but 'd sure like to get the info on nutritional values.. Let's not stop her


Here you go, have at it.
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I agree with Trevor. Why would I even waste my own time looking for chickens, fillets or anything else because like he already said "If it ain't broke don't fix it" Personally for ME I believe the old time herpers would have looked for cheaper alternatives long ago.

As for being closed minded....wel something either works or it doesn't. Maybe someone trying to save you time searching nutrional values and giving your snakes runny poop is a favor not a closed minded remark

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