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Old 01-27-04, 01:27 PM   #16 (permalink)
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repti-vite, herpti-vite, rep-cal.. probably the only pet stuff i use for herps..
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Helix, Rubbermaid, FlexWatt and Myweigh. I've spent so much on this stuff, I should be a shareholder.
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Midwest equipment, espcially the mini hooks, standard hooks, animal grabbers, big hemostats and large feeding tongs. As previously mentioned (thank you Mary) we do sell these, but they can also be bought from Reptile HQ in Toronto (in Canada).

Heat guns. Currently, all I've ever used is the Raytek MT2's for food safety, the ones we used to sell. In the near future, I am going to try the ones Ravi at the Monitor Spot has for sale.

Rep-Cal, and Herptivite - the only 2 supplements we use, and have ever needed.

Bright stick compact disposable flourescent light, for the non U.V needing reptiles. The tortoises get Verilux and sunlight.

Notable mention would include Nix as preventable medicine, Black Knight for new additions and quarantine, Flexwat, Paper towel by the case, landscape bark by the pallet, human heating pads, hardware store heat lights, electric space heaters, Rubbermaids, Kitty litter pans and cheap plastic dog water dishes.

This is a good thread, I'm sure I'll remember more.

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Old 01-27-04, 04:11 PM   #19 (permalink)
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Midwest makes excellent hooks, especially the lightweight standard hook. I was a skeptic until I actually tried them.

Helix thermostats - easy to use and configure, you just set it and forget it. Analog thermostats are good too, I use them over dimmer switches now.

Heat rope is pretty cool too, I havent put mine to use yet, as I am waiting for my rack system, but it is so much more user friendly than heat tape.

Exo Terra has a really neat reptile den for leos, the one with the magnet that allows you to peek in on your pet without disturbing them.

Black Knight is indespensable for getting rid of mites etc., especially for treating substrate and new animals. Nix is pretty good too.

A lot of improvements have been made in cage design, which significantly lower maintenance time (pull out trays) and help keep proper temps and humidity.

IR thermometers - great for checking temps without disturbing your herp.

Thats all I can think of for now..
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I forgot about those magnetic caves, they're awesome, my corn snakes love them.
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My emperors love those magnetic caves too. I, personally, would not buy them but I did get them as a christmas gift so no complaints here.

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