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Old 01-25-04, 05:12 PM   #1 (permalink)
Join Date: Jul-2002
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Pick a snake that with these characteristics.

1. Has a clam temperment right away.
2. Stays under 5'
3. Has a strong feeding responce and does not need a special diet. Will eat mice or rats and not go off food causing un-do stress to it's owner.
4. Easy to cage. Something that can live in a simple glass tank with a locking lid.
5. Has moderate temp and humidity requirments. Not something that will die of dehydration or get scale rot if the hymidity is off a bit in either direction. Something that won't get an RI if the heat pad is left off for a week by accident.
6. Looks very nice. Has nice bright attractive colours.
7. Does not cost an arm and a leg.
Name one or two snakes that you can think of that has all of these characteristics.
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Old 01-25-04, 05:14 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Location: Manitoba
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Cornsnakes and Sinaloan Milksnakes.

Why do you ask?
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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Join Date: Jul-2002
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Well I started by askeing the members to list the characteristics that they felt made a snake a good first snake. The obove post is a list of the most frequently menthioned characteristics. Next I'll ask the members to list snakes that they feel have all of the above characteristics. In a few days when a list of snakes is ready I'll post a poll asking the members to chose's members choice for best first snake. Kinda like a peoples choice award for best first snake. Then maybe we can get it posted some where. Something like, " The most populare first snake voted for by the members is..........".
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Old 01-25-04, 05:41 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Well the first species that came to my mind after reading your list is Hog Island Boas. Not sure if people would recommend this species as a "first snake" but I love mine. He is very calm tempered except when I feed him, then he strikes at anything that moves for approx. 30 Other than that they are great snakes and not high maintenance IMO.
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corns for sure... same with bp's they're super pretty
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Old 01-25-04, 07:09 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jan-2003
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Rubber snake
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Cornsnake was the first snake that came to mind when I read all those characteristics.
0.1 Ball Python, 0.1 Creamsicle Cornsnakes, 1.0 Amelanistic Cornsnake, 1.0 Ghost Cornsnake, 1.0 Motel Amelanistic Cornsnake, 1.0 Okeetee Cornsnake, 0.1 Striped Amelanistic Cornsnake, 0.1 Silver Phase Miami Cornsnake, 0.1 Sunglow Cornsnake
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Old 01-25-04, 07:21 PM   #8 (permalink)
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Id say cornsnake aswell...
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I got a bunch of snakes and a bunch of guns
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Join Date: Jul-2002
Posts: 4,771
KSB don't do well if they get wet or are kept wet, wouldn't you say?
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Old 01-25-04, 08:49 PM   #11 (permalink)
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I would say a Corn too. I only have one and he is soo easy. He matches all of the characteristics.
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Old 01-25-04, 09:10 PM   #12 (permalink)
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Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
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First thing that popped into my mind was Corns. Then maybe Cals...
California Kingsnakes.
Honduran Milksnakes.
Black Milksnakes.
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Old 01-25-04, 09:14 PM   #13 (permalink)
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corns & kings
BP definatly not.. KSB isnt to bad either, but not as bad as a ball.
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Cornsnakes and Spotted Pythons. Spotted Python is my first choice
"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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Thayeri of course...
The path is the goal.
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