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Ceramic dishes

Does anyone else have a problem with mold and ceramic dishes?? Here is a link with the exact bowl....

No matter what, underneath the bowl between the bottom and the paper towel ALWAYS gets mold!

It's driving me nuts. Does this happen to you guys? Maybe I got the wrong bowls.

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well im guessing the bottom isnt glazed. what probably is happening is when u put it in teh dishwasher or wash it, the bottom absorbs moisture then releases it into the substrate. if thats the problem leave it in the open for a cuople days or maybe put it in the oven on a really low temp.

other then that i have no clue

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Well, I have those same exact bowls, and it has never happened to me. Although, I clean my cages out every morning, so it may be hard for mold to even stand a chance in there. How often do your water bowls get cleaned out?

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Could also be in the bowl, there could be a tiny spot that isn't glazed, so when you put water in it, after a while the whole bottom absorbst the water and it can't evaporate... Also, I noticed that the newspaper The Gazette will have mold grow on it, am not sure if it's the ink or paper type but it doesn't happen with la presse or journal de montreal...
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These bowls do seep a lot of moisture from the bottom because, like chamitch says, they are not glazed on the outside of the base and they absorb moisture if they are immersed when cleaned. We wash the glazed areas only for routine cleaning and if we have to immerse them for thorough cleaning we let them dry upside down for a week or so before we use them again. We also find that a lot of these have slow leaks in the ceramic glaze on the inside so that they drain out. Nice heavy bowls though, but we have replaced almost all ours with heavy plastic now because of the seaping,

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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Old 01-23-04, 06:41 PM   #6 (permalink)
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I clean the cage and wash/scrub the bowls once per week exactly almost. So I could start changing it every few days but I still see this as a problem.

I think I will probably just purchase some unglazed ones if I can find them, and glaze them myself. Probably easy to find at those do-it-yourself ceramic painting and firing places.

I would just use plastic but we all know how impossible that gets with ball pythons or big corns. lol knock them over every night.

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You mean... You don't throw these bowls out and just get new ones Marisa?? What is the world coming to? Marisa reusing bowls!!
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I use these bowls and have never had a problem. We use them at work for big lizards too, and no prob. I wash my water dishes and fill them everyday though.
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Marisa, have you tried the large plastic dog dishes that have a larger base than top? My BP will get under it if she can, but is unable to knock it over otherwise. The boas don't even try.
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yes marisa I have the same problem under my bowls as well!!!
and i have 14 of the large ones that do this so its not a random thing,
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