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Bad morning :(

So I get up....I'm tired...didn't sleep well. Do my domestic duties of lunch making for the school aged one, and the the breakfast thing, etc.

The I go up to clean up the toyroom ( in hubby's words, the lizard room ). It holds some of the kids toys, both my snakes, my iguana and my gecko's....and a fish tank. So it's a multi room LOL.

Decide to take a peek on Promise ( brb ) and see if she's poo'd. I'm withdrawling from handling her, don't like to unless she's poo'd after the feed. The lid felt a little loose. Sinking feeling in my gut the tub was empty. Holy freakout time. She was nowhere to be found. I searched real fast, noticed that she could fit under the door, went down, put the dog away, posted here and back up to search some more.
Tearing the room apart, moving cages, toys, etc. hoping for the best....

this is what I find:


Lil Miss Innocent

yah, she sure looked comfy trying to squeeze her fat butt in there LOL.

Needless to say, I got my cardio workout today.
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That seems like a good day to me, lol

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haha! it's quite an adventure when they decide to escape.
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Man, I call that luck. Good job finding her.

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Glad you found her. Any idea how she got out?
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Old 01-23-04, 07:11 PM   #6 (permalink)
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LOL seems like a lucky day to me! There's nothing funny about a snake getting loose, but I have to admit those pics are too cute!
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Actually, the morn coulda been a whole lot worse.
She could have easily been gone....permanently.

Trevor: I think I did not snap the lid on tight last night Lesson learnt, always doublecheck to make sure the lids are on tight.

Linds: yep, you're right. Nothing funny bout the actually moral of the post, how easily these guys can get out....but I have to admit, when I found her, she looked up at me and I swear she laughed at my panic. She looked all nice and cozy, the camera was right there, so I couldn't resist She is definately a brat, but has taught me well.
Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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Thank god for the key locks on ym boaphile :P

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Old 01-23-04, 10:13 PM   #9 (permalink)
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I am glad you found her. Except now you have scarred her perception of the big world. Just when she thought sticks and stone, logs and grass were the way to go. Ya done gone and introduced her to fuzzy things, plastic toys and pretty colours Looks like she had a fun adventure. All's well that ends well.

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A bad day that turned into a good day real quick! Thanks for having the camera ready!
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Oh god, I know what you mean! We just got a new snake, a little western hognose! I put like 3-4 inches of aspen shavings in there, and his water bowel. Put the lid on and went to wal-mart to pick up the digi theremometer.....came back opened the lid (which was not loose at all. I did have it duct tapes at all spots that were loose!) and I started to gently sift trhough the I took out the water bowl, my heart beating faster.........started to sift through not so gently, and more in a panic. Still nothing! OMG, I said "he's gone, he's frickin gone! we only had him like an hour and he's gone already!" So I started basicly throwing the aspen around in the little enclosure, low and behold I grab a piece that doesn't want to sift so easily........little friggin b*****d...... we almost had a heart attack.
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Well, lesson learned, without a lost or worse yet, dead snake. Seems like a pretty good morning all in all.
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