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Bugs suffered from severe brain damage, which was the reason his eyes bugged out that much (you can see the pressure on them in the closeup shots). He was born normal, but due to circumstance, became quite ill. Prolapsing, regurgitating, etc., and he never grew from that time on (He was about 12" or so, the perch in the pic is a plastic coathanger). He passed though many hands in his 4+ years. He was in my care for one year and doing fine the entire time I had him, not a problem until he started to go downhill right towards the end. You can read more about Bugs at
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Coolest picture of a snake I've taken, though maybe not the <i>coolest</i> snake.

<img src="">
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I definitely think our female blood python is one of the coolest snakes that we have. *ssssh Invictus, don't tell Buttercup*

Nefertiti, hamming up to the camera.

Here's another shot of her that I took that I thought turned out really well:

Erin Keller :eb:
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Well, maybe not the coolest snake around, but I thought this picture turned out pretty good:

Along with this one (more cute then anything) :

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I think all the snakes look great. at the end of this we should all vote on the coolest looking snake.
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this is the best snake i have ever and will ever own. a man was giving two 4 foot boas away, both colombian red tails. one had alot of bone deformities and the other was "agresive" he said. i got them in a rush and only had one big tank to put them in but they were growing fast and soon it wasn't big enough and they started fighting. the one with the deformities was actually the agresive one, and i REALLY wanted to keep her but had no room so i had to sell her and i miss her SO much. but the other boa became a dream snake. she doesn't even act much like a snake, took some years for her to like being handled but she will (no lie) curl up in my lap and sleep for up to a half hour in my lap. its the neatest thing. i love her to death.
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My first morph. Sigh! I haven't received him yet -- err, even paid. I'm sending my check out tomorrow I can't wait until he gets here! Should have him by the beginning of February depending on how long it takes for my check to clear.

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well I have a few pic's that I love posting from time to time some ppl hear have seen them so many times.

hear they are:

Girls tend to sy they like me in this pic I have no clue why but that is ok.

0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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Here is my favorite pic I have taken. Looks real cool when the pic is inlarged
Jon Dona

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Originally posted by Linds
You can read more about Bugs at
Actually we cant Linds 404 error. If the page is still up there forget it I found it. You forgot the .html

full link:
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Don't have picsof the coolest looking snake I've had (a Nerodia fasciata confluens ) but here's one I do have a pic of still. She's currently being brumated. This snake has been self brumating from it's first winter! Pain in the a**!

The Herp Room

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Just a couple more cool pictures and we should be ready to vote for the coolest snake.
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Dose this guy even keep snakes,snakebeginner ,seems to just post to anything,
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Weird, because when I click on it it takes me to the site I never usually put the HTML on the end because it doesn't matter...
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Linds: it 404's for me too :P
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