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Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: Oshawa Ontario Canada
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The little voice in your head

What is it telling you to add to your collection next... mine is saying an Albino ball but my wallet is saying I think not... so basicly what is on everyone else's wish list.
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Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
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mmmm An Emerald Tree Boa....yup yup
"Death Is Not The Greatest Loss In Life, The Greatest Loss In Life, Is What Dies Inside Us While We Still Live"

2.2 Bearded Dragon, 2.4 Leopard Geckos, 1.1 Veiled Chameleon, 1.1 Kenyan Sand Boa, 1.1 Royal/Ball Python, 1.1 Emerald Tree Boa, 1.0 Eastern Box Turtle, 1.0 Jungle Carpet Python and 1.0 American Pit Bull Terrier
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Join Date: Apr-2002
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
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ball pythons
rough green snakes
burmise python
frilled dragon
poison dart frog
southern hognose
more cornsnakes
red tailed boa
bearded dragon
crested geckos
leaf tailed geckos
it just goes on and on......
Kayla Young
1.2 Corns, 0.1 Ball python, 0.1.2 crested gecko's and 0.0.1 Bearded dragon
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Join Date: Dec-2003
Location: Wichita, KS
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LOL. Considering in another window I am currently drooling over bloodred & sunglow corns....
0.1 Ball Python, 0.1 Creamsicle Cornsnakes, 1.0 Amelanistic Cornsnake, 1.0 Ghost Cornsnake, 1.0 Motel Amelanistic Cornsnake, 1.0 Okeetee Cornsnake, 0.1 Striped Amelanistic Cornsnake, 0.1 Silver Phase Miami Cornsnake, 0.1 Sunglow Cornsnake
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Join Date: Apr-2002
Location: Calgary, AB
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Hmm... How about a female U. milii? Jon, Angus, Neil, et al...

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

With a side plate of steaming entrails,
And a nice Bordeaux!
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Calgary, AB
Age: 42
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More Macklotts Pythons and more Spotties!!! I'm absolutely loving those species so far. Beyond that, I'm looking to complete some future breeding projects. (Need a male blood, male colombian rainbow, some boa morphs, etc.)
- Ken LePage
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Old 01-18-04, 09:07 PM   #7 (permalink)
Join Date: May-2003
Location: ont
Age: 39
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I would have to say a pair of Hog island boas and a pastel ball are on my most wanted list right now.
1.1 albino boas, 1.1 dumeril boas 1.1100%het albino boas 1.0 Anery boa0.1 hypo boa 1.1 columbian boas 1.0 ballpython 1.1 hypo corns
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Old 01-18-04, 09:21 PM   #8 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep-2003
Location: Fort McMurray, AB
Age: 45
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Mines sayn I shouldnt spend so much on snakes. But I've already got a Macklot lined up
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Join Date: Jan-2004
Location: Toronto, On.
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A few Red Devil scorpions, a Desert Hairy and a couple of avicularia avicularia

Q. What's brown and sticky? A. A stick!
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: nj
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mine is saying i want everything
if something doesn't fit hit it with a hammer, if that doesn't work get a bigger hammer: Jesse James
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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Miami, FL and New Haven, CT
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i think a uro is next for me. either that, or a leo. or both. or several of both.
1.1 ball pythons (Huxley and Marla)
~"Interestingly enough, the only thing the bowl of petunias thought was, 'Oh no, not again.'" --Douglas Adams~
* Mollie *
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Location: L.A.
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If I could afford it, i would be in line for a piebald bp.
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Old 01-19-04, 02:07 AM   #13 (permalink)
Dani33's Avatar
Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: Southern Ontario
Age: 40
Posts: 1,268
Right now I would like a Box Turtle(Eastern or Ornate) and a Tortoise of some sort (Not sure yet), definately this year. One day I would like a Hog Island Boa and Brazillian Rainbow Boa.
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Soul_Reaper's Avatar
Join Date: Nov-2003
Location: Toronto. Canada
Age: 35
Posts: 364
I wish i could afford an Albino ball...but that is way beyond my budget at the moment, unfortunately.

I was thinking about getting another pair of Corns or maybe some Beardies, they look like a fun critter to keep.

But that's future plans, i'm quite happy with what i have right now.
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."
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Old 01-19-04, 10:38 AM   #15 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan-2004
Age: 44
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I wish i had enough room for a pr of yellow anacondas,or piebald bp would be nice!!
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