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How do I know what? Sorry.
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Ghi Reptiles
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I miss Trace. 'sniff' Really I do.
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They are fed up with the users?? well, sorry to say it, but if that is the case, better they left. Personally yes there are a few users who get on my nerves, but you know what? people in real life get on my nerves too. just ignore them if you can;t, well, maybe they have some growing up to do. This is a website, not like anyone is going to meet these people who tick them off, so why care what they say?

*sigh* sometimes things just get way to silly and blown out of proportion
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Ok. Last post before I leave.

Eyespy and Trace both have left this site because of the horrible politics behind how it is run. They are fed up with the other mods, the users () and just everything this site used to stand for, but no longer does. Everyone can now stop with the 'Where did this person go' threads. I can see why they did.

If that's the case, then perhaps Trace and Eyespy should have brought that to the attention of the other MODS..

I'm not just saying this because im a MOD or because i am good friends with Jeff. But this site is run like a well oiled machine. Jeff is always there if one of the members or the mods has a problem with something that has happened or is happening with the site. I'm not sure what 'horrible polotics' you are referring to, as i have yet to see Jeff takes sides or play favorites in any way shape or form.. People leave the site everyday, it's their choice to do so, there's not much any of us can do about it..
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Also, how about we do not speak for other people. I am sure they do not appreciate people putting words in their mouth.
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Thanks David, i was actually going to edit my post and throw that in there. Knowing Trace, i don't think she would appreciate someone coming here or anywhere else for that matter and telling people what she's feeling or what she has said..
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I'm not a regular poster on this site any more, because I don't have much time because of school and studying. Like someone said before me in this thread, I beleive that the people that have some sense in their brains would not leave a site because some of the owners piss them off. I've had my own share of troubles with some people and still get angry when I see "nice picture" posts just for people to increase their post number, but the majority of the user still rocks.

The only thing I can say to that is that the Jeff & the moderating team are doing one hell of a job to keep everything in check!! And with such a large number of users it's not the easiest job in the world. After a few weeks that I joined the site, I remember a thread by Mr. Jeff Favelle, congratulating Jeff ******** for reaching the 500 member milestone. Back then, the site was much easier to manage and the only thing that made me stay here was the strong sense of community. Now the only thing that has changed in my eyes is just the number. The community (and family) feeling is still here.

Thanks Jeff for making this site and for taking the time to maintain it (being a computer guy myself I know what it takes). Through this site I made a lot of awesome friends (even though I am from the other side of the world) and gained most of the herping knowledge I have.

I'm proud to be a part of sSnakeSs.
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No one can force anyone to leave and no one was calling them on the phone, or knocking on their doors or debating with them in person or something like that. I loved both their posts but frankly if anything (and i mean anything even the imaginary politics, name calling, bad info, *anything*) can upset you that much over the internet that you have to leave an online chat forum well you really have some serious personal reflecting to do.

This site is ten times better arguement/BS wise than any other forum this size on the internet.

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I agree, if you can't get over that some people are just rude, mean, or are just plain having a bad day then thats to bad. I don't always get along with other members here but you don't see me going and crying about it. No offense, but come on, your a grown woman (or man in some cases), your not going to like everyone, and everyone is not going to like you!
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Originally posted by Ghi Reptiles
There is an eyespy that has been posting lots of BS here for the last month or so.....;t=2799;st=0
I think by posting this, you have only hurt yourself. If there is a remote chance of animals you are selling having a virus, then you just screwed yourself by posting that here. Thanks for letting me know not to purchase reptiles from you in the future.
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Originally posted by daver676
I think by posting this, you have only hurt yourself. If there is a remote chance of animals you are selling having a virus, then you just screwed yourself by posting that here. Thanks for letting me know not to purchase reptiles from you in the future.
The sad thing is .........that by making this statement you have made yourself out to be just as bad as the ones spreading lies ........You have made your decision based on the lies and vindictiveness of others.......The whole story is always a good thing to have

Here it is if u would like to read it ........
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O.k i kno 2 threads that are talking about crap, so can we drop this and move on??????and i Ghi i meant how did you kno that eyespy was saying stuff or one of those people that had the big problem in the site, im not saying thsi in a bad way lol...jsut wondering, and do you kno wut would be nice if we really kno the truth to wut happened to trace and eyespy, but it seems that the mods dont even kno, but thats not the point, i just want to drop this thread and others like this cause this, its becoming a very big agurment, it seems like.....trying to stop it thats all

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LOL so this whole time, EyeSpy was a fake? Thats some messed up...stuff.
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Also I know what happened to Trace and it has absolutely nothing to do with this, and I think it would be best off if she does not get tangled in with Eyespy.
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But MOST Importantly, WTF happened to Elvis!

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