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Shipping Nightmare!

A friend of mine went to Vegas for a week. While he was gone he arranged for a Brazilian Rainbow Boa to be shipped to his house. I agreed to wait at the house for it. The day it arrived FedEx it was about 10F. It was in the back of the truck from 7AM and after I called all over the US it was finally delivered at 2PM. When I opened the package the inside of the box felt like a freezer! I shot the little BRB with a temp gun and it was 42F. I thought for sure that it was dead. I looked at it for at least five minutes and saw no breathing, heartbeat, or movement. It was as limp as a wet noodle. I thought for sure it was dead so I took a few pics of it laying upside down and motionless. After sending the pics I called the breeder who sent it and spoke with him for about ten minutes. As I was talking the BRB began to slowly rithe around. I thought it was just nerves. I picked it up and rubbed it with my hands and it began to move a bit faster but still akwardly. Then all the sudden her tongue flicked out. I new then shew was alive. I gently placed her in a warm cage and left her for about 30 minutes. When I came back she was acting perfectly normal! Since then she has shed and ate and seems to be fine. We will never know what damage has been done to this boa and it is amazing that she is alive and doing well. The breeder was from Florida and I don't think he realized how cold it was here. He said he packed her at 11AM and the 2 small heat packs he used were only 20 hr heat packs?
So here is what I learned...
BRB's can live at 42F
Dont ship in extreme cold. If you do ship pack it and take it to the airport as late as possible and have it held at the station for pick up where it is warm.
I know its common sense people but apparently not everyone has it...
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Isn't it illegal to ship a snake via FedEx in the States? Glad the snakes doing well for him though.
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There may still be and RI waiting to surface. Keep it well hydrated and really warm around 90.
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Yeah, you might have trouble yet.. It will take a couple weeks, but you can count on a good cold if not pneumonia
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hahhaa you are a lucky guy
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that's why we only ship same day with an air carrier, otherwise it's a drive to get the snake, we've even driven to a different province to get a couple snakes
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Bad situation all round... Is the shipper/breeder willing to pay for his/her mistake if the snake has any ill effects?

Keep us posted on her condition....
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Crappy I'm along the sames line as Mykee, is it not illegal to ship via FedEx? I personally will only use air cargo. If I have to drive a few hours to get there, better than a dead snake :/ Hope the little guy does ok. I think Grant (vg) still has the best frozen snake story... it's a miracle how resilient snakes can be!
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Yikes! I'm glad the snake made it, but, I agree with everyone else, get you friend to keep a close watch on the snake for signs of RIs, etc. I'm having some snakes shipped to me, but, the person that I'm buying them from is holding onto them until the Spring just to assure them a safe arrival. In any event, I wish your friend luck and hope the snake remains healthy.
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Yes it IS illegal to ship FedEx. Airborn Express is the only legal method to send herps other than through an airline such as Delta Dash. Shipping herps illegally will end up hurting the community as a whole. Shame on the shipper. I would not really ship herps this time of year anyway. It is too risky. I would like to know the dealer so that I never order from them. Irresponsible in my book.
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