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Spiders and drugs

Spiders don't spin too well when mixed with drugs as seen in the study at this site
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That's a really interesting article, thanks for the link.
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The moral of this story: Keep it for yourself :P lawl
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hehe I spun many a web like that back in my wasted youth

hehe whats really funny is that the worst webs are created under the influence of "legal" drugs (Caffeine & Chloral Hydrat)

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Very interesting! I've already passed it along
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LOL....i don't know why but i find the marijuana spider picture funny...

Great article! Thx for sharing!
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It's totally interesting, and awesome looking to see how it effects them. I wonder how they ensure they will spin a web under the effects rather than just sit there though.

You wonder why they don't put all their minds together to find cures for cancer. But hey, loaded spiders are good too. lol.

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LOL! Yes money well spent on this. I should get some cash for the research I did when I was 17 getting people's cats high. HAHA!
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I guess spiderman will be drug free for the rest of his life!

cryptonite:superman LSD:spiderman OH NO!
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man I cant wait to be reincarnated as one of those test spiders
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im curious how they gave these drugs to the spiders. does it say on the site?
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I think they do the drugs and the picture is a discription of what they saw.
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one thing to keep in mind is the alkaloids(drugs) in plants are designed to harm the insects that eat it(or the insects eat teh plant then the spiders eat them). a defence mechanism. and it appears that the most effective natural one is caffiene. that i find interesting. not marijuana or peyote/mescaline.

not surprising but interesting none the less

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