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I was just wondering if there were any laws about snakes in Nova Scotia? my family is thinking of moving there and I wanted to be sure they were legal.
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Exotic pet laws are a municipal issue so it will depend on the city you move to. Most cities have a ban on all venomous snakes and most boids. You'll need to check the particular city's laws to know for sure.
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Some provinces restrict various exotics such as alberta, saskatchewan and quebec (sask restricts boids, i think all three of those restrict venomous keeping, and alberta restrict various snakes and lizards.

ontario only has restrictions on native reptiles and certain mammals
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I hate hate hate these freakin reptile laws. Since when can the govnt, who supposedly get their power from the people, tell the people they cant keep a freakin snake?! Makes me sick. I know some laws are necessary for conservation, but to say that people cant keep any kind of snake? Laws like that I will never obey. Govnt's have no right to do so, and when they do, they have overstepped the boundaries of their purpose.

Just venting!
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The government represents the people, and quite frankly most people dont care about your right to own a reptile. If they think it poses a risk to them, they'll pass a law faster than you can blink. Education is the only cure.

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anyone know a site where you can look up these laws, especially in Canada by Province??
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Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.
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